Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A "Simple" Blog Giveaway? Not so much!

It appears, that SHEWonce again,  (Thank you Blogger) I Am able to get/read Post Comments ! At least today. And, I've got to say, the comments I've gotten as of late, for my Giveaway, that ends on the  27th of January, have been incredible.

I'm not talking about the volume, or the "Prize." I'm talking about the Comments I've gotten about "Wishes." For, you see, my Initial Giveaway featured "A Fairy Godmother" and what you would wish for? Wow. Wow.

(Vintage wallpaper and millenery heart)

And Girlfriend? We are NOT talking about wishes for wealth, trips, "Prince Charming" or for that matter, anything self-serving. Anyone that left af Comment about their "Wishes"-did so for something VERY serious, or for someone else! You can go back and read some of the comments if you'd like,,,but when I hear things like, "wishes for friends and spouses with Cancer" or other life threatening situations? It kind of stops me in my tracks! When I hear comments from Blog friends that either THEY or their friends are going through the "Big Stuff" it totally puts things in perspective
for me.

(vintage wallpaper heart)

If you've known me for a while, you KNOW, I've been through a LOT of "Big Stuff" myself. Perhaps that is why my creations are either whimsical, or romantic.  I trust I'm not alone in this. Artists that create Whimsey, humor, romance or nostalgic themed items fill a "little corner of their life" in the process-and Wish/Hope to "lure" you in to those creations and memories. It's not a tactical ploy,,,,,,truly, we just want YOU to love/remember/embrace too! 

Yadda, yadda Vintage "Stuff and embellished key.........

If you "throw Aunt Edna's" quilt over your bed,,,,,,,,it's probably not just for warmth. If you've kept "Grandpa Ed's Cardigan" it's probably because you remember him telling you stories or providing  family history and antics while wearing it.

I Cannot take away your pains. I wish I COULD. Truly. What I HOPE to be is a friend,,,,,near OR far, that can hold you, make you laugh, make you forget --at least for a FEW minutes. Encourage you,,,,,,,,or just plain "Give you a HUG," physically OR "virtually."

It seems right now that SO many are going through SO much! My heart, prayers, thoughts go out to ALL of you!

Hugs, Love and a beloved "Bus" on the Cheek!
My Heart/"Hearts" go out to all of you!


  1. Stopping by with a hug and good wishes.

  2. We think that you are really sweet! We like your style.
    Kathy and Kris

  3. This is a lovely post. We are all so blessed to have blogging and our "virtual" friends that become real friends!

  4. It does seem that so many people I know are really having a hard time these days. I too wish I could make everyone's pain go away. But, I do have to admit me that coming to the beautiful blogs, like yours sure does brighten up my days. So thank you!

    Your hearts are darling!

  5. They are all just beautiful but I really adore the one with the lil small flowers in the middle and the key hanging you are so talented and make the neatest things

  6. I try to make at least one person laugh once a day. Because ... you know Laughter Is The Best Medicine.
    SuZeQ ~

  7. I have a brother battling cancer and a "bff" who went into a coma while on chemo for hers. We almost lost her a few weeks ago, but she's battling back like she's done so many times before. Too many people are suffering and it's beautiful things like your "hearts" that can bring a smile and sunshine into someone's life. It's the "little" things that pack the most punch and these are sure to brighten anyone's day! LOVE them! Thank you for sharing... :)

  8. I agree it does seem like everyone is being hit hard with a hardship. Even though it has been a tough year or two for us we are lucky to have our family. Blessing to you and thank you for sharing these lovely hearts. Di from Cottage-Wishes


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