Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Romantic at "Heart",,,,,Grab this Image if you'd like and New Projects/Distractions today!

Okay, I'll admit, I am NOT the most Practical person in the World....for that matter probably not the most practical person on my BLOCK,,,,,,,So,,,,instead of focusing on practical matters today,,,I glued/glittered/cut and pasted......Escape mechanism? Oh YEAH!  So here's ONE finished project,,,,,,read on if you'd like the image!

Vintage Cupid's Box

I worked on some other projects today,,,,,,but I'd found this Awesome/unusual Monochromatic Valentine and decided it would lend itself nicely nesting "inside" one of my Natural Moss heart wreaths. It could have been a "hanger" all on it's own, but I decided to put it atop a box,,,,,,covered w/ Sheet Music.

I added a "titch" of Ribbons and  Vintage Lace,,,,,and a Gold Dresen heart. And Look at those cute little Cherubs!
One banging the door knocker, the other with a message/verse........Too fun!

I'll put a little "surprise" inside the box...........

Rare 1900's Monochromatic Valentine Image

You can "Grab," Copy this image and use it for your own  "non-sale" artwork/projects. But,  Please do NOT use it for  any retail/resell or wholesale projects.

Some day's? I sit down to create,,,and things just "flow." Other days, like today,,,,it's a "bumpy road" for a while,,,,,until I get my rhythm or "the Creative Fairies" decide to pay me a visit. I started working with some Vintage Wallpapers, that just buckled and tore.

Then? I got a phone call from a dear, dear friend, who shall remain anonymous and we talked about Change, Challenges, growth, trials, Conviction, acceptance and Faith. Funny, but after that? It all kind of "kicked into gear."
Encouragement? You betcha! Understanding? Absolutely! Love? Unconditionally,,,,warts/  my "unshaved legs" HA! and all!

There is NOTHING like a good friend to help you see things clearly,,,,,,,encourage and support you...And sometimes, send the "Creative Fairies" your way!

Happy Tuesday! And again, thanks for all the LOVE, understanding and support the last couple of days! It means/meant a lot!

Hugs, Love and a somewhat "ADD" Bus on the Cheek!

(PS.......It feels SO odd not to have my Old lady kitty winding around my ankles, driving me "nuts" and reminding me it's time for Breakfast/Dinner,,,,,,or maybe a midday Snack! But the other Kitty, Tuxie and my dogs seems to KNOW that Mom needs a BIT more attention and love,,,,,They have been SO Cute/Sweet! Thanks again for your love, concern and support!)

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