Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Someday's? You just Need a Fairy Godmother,,,,,,and a Giveaway!

Okay, first of all, you need to know that we do not really DO Snow in the Pacific Northwest........Near Seattle, we get a "teaser" now and then, really it's rare, WET and when we get it--- Commerce comes to a stop unless you're a Grocer or a Tire Store..... And, if you watch/listen to the National News, Seattle got a TEASE,,,,a dusting--- which pretty much slows or stops everything,,,,And those of us up here in little Snohomish? We've got/had Major "stuff to deal with! That said,,,,,,,,,whether or not you're local? We could ALL use a little "Fairy Godmother" right now!Here ya go,,,,,,and scroll down for my latest Giveaway!

Can you even STAND how cute she is? I found "her" in an Antique shop in a "bin" missing her arms,,,,,and half of her feathers,,,,,,,,butcha know? She had potential! So- I picked her up for a couple of bucks, gave her new arms, Splendid German Pink Foil Dresden Wings,,,,,,,and a "new Home!"

I made her a "Wand," and surrounded her with Vintage Mushrooms/flowers atop a box covered in Vintage wallpapers/trims. I had SO much fun "reviving her!"

What 3 Wishes would YOU have, right NOW???

Since I still had this chunk of Vintage wallpaper out, I covered the top of a LITTLE heart shaped box and embellished it.......It'll hold about ONE truffle,,,,,,,but it was fun to make in this colorway..........

And finally,,,,,I ended up making this "Romantic Heart." (You can win this, or one similar,,,,,,read on!)

Mostly neutrals, but as you can see, bits of vibrant Pink/soft pink and touches of Aqua. It only measures about 6"x6" but would be fun to hang on a cabinet/door or to include in a "romantic vignette."

It was funny, because right after I started shooting images of these projects, I got a couple of copies of the Romantic Country Magazine from Harris Publications,,,,,,,or Mary Forsell, the Publisher of said magazine......And I looked at the Colorway THEY had on the Cover and what I'd been working on today,,,,,,,,and loving as of late,,,,,,,,,,

So? Here's the deal.  Leave me a comment on THIS blog post for One Chance.
Mention my Giveaway on your Blog or sidebar if you're already a follower,  OR Become a New follower and let me know HERE that you've posted and/or are following..
If you also leave me "One Wish" you have for the new year, I'll enter you a third time!!So,,,,,3 Chances to Win!

I'll send the Winner a copy of the latest Romantic Country Magazine (Spring Edition) And either the "Romantic Heart" Wreath above or one  similar,done in all Neutrals........your choice!
Deadline for Entry on THIS Blog post is Friday, January 27th.

(I'ts Still Snowing here and we're expected to have "Historically recorded" Snow fall tomorrow!),,,,,I just got home from a super FUN "Doggie Walk" in the Snow!Hope you're warm, Cozy, and safe wherever you live!

Hugs, Love and a Blessedly "Cozy" Bus on the Cheek!


  1. How much snow do you have, here in Brier we have about 10" so far, still snowing. Your Fairy Godmother is so very cute, love her new arms. My wish is for a fast recovery for my upcoming surgery for stage 1 breast cancer. Have a snowy day.

  2. Love all the projects you come up with... I have tons of boxes I could decorate!!!! Thanks for stopping by hope you don't get too much more snow. Great giveaway!!!

  3. Hi Shell- your sweet fairy is so precious!! You are the Queen of makeovers! The altered box and the heart wreath are both so beautiful!! With all the snow you are getting-- you have the perfect opportunity to cozy down and craft all day!

    I will post your give away on my blog later tonight when I get home from work--

    Love you-

  4. Sweet fairy can come and live at my house anytime. My wishes -- I'd like to use two for friends going through chemo and one for a friend's ankle. That would make me very happy. Keep cozy, we got our snow today.

  5. Hi Shell - your contest is now posted on the top of my sidebar! I hope you are snug and cozy way up there at the top of the world!


  6. Shell -
    My wish for the New Year is for your friend Linda (above) to have a smooth recovery from her surgery - (and that maybe she might win this contest because she needs something to make her smile:)~~


    ps - If I win - I want to give my prize to Linda~~

  7. Hello dear! Love your space here and love all inspirations you share with us! And is this a dream or a candy? smiles So delicate, so beautiful! Love Fairytale style and your creations are absolutely lovely! The Fairy Godmother is so sweet! Thanks so much for this lovely chance! God bless and have a wonderful time, my dear! Kisses, Rachel :D
    -Follower's name: Rachel Berault

  8. Me again, dear, just to say I've posted this on my sidebar, by date. Lots of kisses, Rachel :)))

  9. Hi dear! I forgot to tell you my wish... Well, I think life is the greatest gift of all and my wish for the new year is that my beloved father, who is seriously ill, heal and get well soon. And now I join another desire to mine: that your friend also cure and be well soon. That's it, my dear! May Kind God bless our prayers! Kisses, Rachel :)

  10. Hi sweet lady,
    I am so glad to hear from you.
    I've been so busy lately but, aren't we all??!!
    Congratulations on being published, how exciting and how deserved.
    Take care, talk to you soon


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