Sunday, January 8, 2012

Does She,,,,,or doesn't She? And Girlfriend we are NOT talkin' about hair dye!

SO? My Golden Retriever Kodi? Registered purebred- (don't get fooled by that sweet face!),,,,,,Aka,,,,,and Alias Name "Kodiak",,,,,Chased my old lady cat under my computer desk.............

He managed to destroy the USB cable from my Keyboard to the mainframe  of my computer this week..........Chasing  the,,old lady/senile kitty Holly ....

So? Shell went out and bought a NEW Laptop Computer........I know, this old Relic that takes me,,,I kid you NOT-- Hours to boot up ( Yeah, well, the provider isn't the fastest in the Internet the world either!),,,,,,,, (tonight is case in point) But I haven't even taken the new one out of the box yet........

I got a NEW keyboard and a NEW USB connection for the OLD computer,,,,,,,,,,So,,,,,,,,,Do I pull the plug on "Old Betsey" or let her "serve out her time?"

The older I get, and also after spending some time with family in Europe several years ago (Germany/France/Ireland/Holland) ...Where everything is saved/reused/recycled,,,,it honestly make me ill how "we," American's live in such a disposable society. It's been several years now, since I made that journey,,,,,,,,But I learned a LOT from my Family and the Euro Culture. "Re-use, Re-Condition, Recycle!"

Our Culture?,, our Country HAS been wasteful. I think one of the lessons we've learned from these hard economic times is to reconsider,,,,,,,WHAT we have,,,,,what we use and how we can RE-use. The poor economy has created, innovation, re-creation and imagination! I Like that!

So?? Do I take that new laptop out of the box

Or, take it BACK to the store,,,,,,,until old "Betsey" goes to her great "reward?" She's been a Great little Computer,,,,,albeit, slow!

Hope you had a GREAT weekend! I've been thinking/praying a LOT about friends AND family of friends, who have major health issues right now,,,you are ALL in my thoughts and prayers! And for My "Holly Kitty," who is old and senile and weighs no more than a feather duster these days........But still manages to purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Change is Good,,,,,,,,Change is sometimes sad. Change can stimulate and change can stunt. A new Year for us all,,,,,Let's hope we ALL Grow,,,,,,,,from Change!For me, change has brought both the Good and the bad......But hoping I'll stay strong; for those facing the Biggest Changes and Challenges!

Hugs and Love to ALL of you, near and Far! Big "Bus on the Cheek" to SO many blog AND Local friends going through trials right now!



  1. Unless you need the money from the return, I would keep new laptop to use from time to time to get all your stuff transferred from Betsy. But you will never become comfortable with it until you give it a gender and name.

  2. Perhaps if you can find a new home for Old Betsey......?? Anyone you know not have a computer at all and might like one?? Or maybe even your old computer would be a step up for them.......
    I know what you mean about a disposable society..... we lived in Germany for three years with the military and we learned alot and took alot to heart. We lived there oh 20 years ago and one thing that still sticks with me is the way Americans have a habit of going outside on cold mornings and leaving their car running to 'warm up' while they go back wasteful and completely against the law in Germany.... We Americans are too laid back. As long as something is not directly affecting us or those we love then we just don't get involved , otherwise we'd all be upset and worried about fracking . Just the thought that we are pumping polluted water back in the earth with enough force to cause earthquakes! Makes me shudder.Enviromentalists should be all of us not the oddball few.......sorry there girl got on my soapbox. :) Hugs! deb

  3. Take it out of the box!!!
    You'll love it!!

  4. I think you should keep the new one since you know Old Betsy is going to take a dirt nap soon. This gives you time to get all your files transferred onto the new one. Make SURE you have someone remove the hard drive on the old one and have it destroyed when you are done with it. We always do that to prevent identity theft!

    LOL @ Kodi....gotta love him!


  5. You KNOW as soon as you take it back to the store your old Betsey will bite the dust! LOLOLOL

  6. Keep the new one!!!!!
    Kathy and Kris


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