Sunday, January 15, 2012

Looking Back,,,,,,I had to! Laughs/Smiles and thanks!

I started my Blog several months after my co-worker Jana started one for our store, Joyworks........This was a time in MY life (shortly after my mother had passed away and my youngest son was a Marine serving in Iraq) when I started to Make "STUFF."

(If you go to my sidebar and read my profile, you'll see that basically, I was asked to make Wedding Cake Topper for a couple I knew and loved,,,,,,,and then, "it--the rest of IT, all has grown from there~!

I KID You NOT! THIS was a blog picture,,,,,,,,,I posted,,,,,,whenI I first started, and asked Blog friends to "tip their heads" to view it.......I was "So green, so, uneducated, that I actually Posted this image and asked my Handfull of followers to peruse this Image!  (Circa 6/19/2009)

And yet? I still had some followers,,,,,supporters! A handful, some co-workers from Joyworks, some blessed souls that managed to stumble onto my blog and,,,,,,,,God Bless them,,,,,,,Follow!

Karen Valentine, of "My Desert Cottage" fame, came into my blog life about a year later.-she'd been "following" me,,,,,,,,,,,and THEN-She set up my blog Format........with all the "horns and Whistles",,,,,,,,God bless Karen! And Then, a year or so ago? I asked my Dearest, nearest, Blogger friend EVER,,,, to create a Header,,,,,that reflected ME,,,,,,,,,And my dear Lulu Kellogg, created the most Fantastic/personal Header I could have wanted! ( I want a BIT "Marie," a BIT of pink and green, a Bird, something French and Voila! Lulu made it happen!)

The "heads up"/ article in Romantic Country Magazine is Fantistic! Delightful, and I feel truly blessed to be acknowledged. But, as stated, I cannot imagine OR accept this feature, without giving a "Thank You" and a heads up for ALL of those that have helped me , followed Me, in the last several years!

And,,,,,,I am SO thankful,,,,,LOL that those of YOU who have been with me from the begining,,,,,or from the near start, put up with my BAD photos, encouraged me, supported me,,,,,,Warts and All!

Love and hugs to ALL of you,,,,,Old and New! This blog thing is interesting and enlightening! I cannot image my life without my blog friends, new and Old,,,okay, "dedicated",,,,,near AND far!

(Still Snowing here in Washington! Hope you stay Cozy and Warm! I'd truly appreciate any Prayers and good thoughts this week..........We/My family needs it right now!)

Love, Hugs and a Nostalgic  an apperciative BUS to you all on the Cheek~!


  1. Well, who knew? I have only known you as a pro.

  2. Whats that old saying? You've come a long way baby! LOL You really have Shell!
    The sideways pic made me laugh. When I look back at mine the photos were so dark. Its amazing anyone ever followed me!
    Keep it up hun
    Hugs Lynn

  3. HI Shell!

    If someone liked snow where is the best area of Washington to live? ( I like snow and hubs and i are moving west from TX and i'd like to live in an area where we can expect snow in the winter) Any suggestions? We are looking from Northern CA to OR to WA.....

  4. Isn't it amazing that we can still keep learning even in our "golden years". Ha ha. Young at heart...forever. Sorry you didn't win one of my pictures. But, I know you have sent me it before....lost. I will send you a consolatory prize. Everyone is a winner.

  5. Gotta love you, Shell. You are so real and so darn funny. You make me laugh even with times are tough and you laugh even when times are tough. What a role model. Just adore you!
    Big hugs,

  6. Thank you so much my precious friend for the shout out!!

    LOL @ turn your head this way to view the pic! OMG you are SO funny!!!

    I hope you are staying nice and cozy! I heard on the news that you guys are in for a HUGE storm so be safe!


  7. I'm so so happy for you sweet Shell- I knew this would be a great year for you-- and- you've only just begun! You are so right to credit dear Karen- she has been invaluable to me as well- she is not only so very talented- but such a genuinely kind and helpful soul- I love her dearly.

    I'm one of your Followers from way---- back- and proud to be so!!

    You go girl!


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