Friday, January 27, 2012

Sometimes, it's good to be Last,,,,,,A Winner and a Busy Day!

Congrats to Cari Bruno of "Lucky Girl Gifts" Blog fame! Cari's name/comment was picked using the Random Number Generator! She was the last one to comment regarding my giveaway-so last isn't always a bad thing!

And, Cari winning? Is rather Ironic, given me being published and talking about when I first got started. Cari was pretty much "there" from the beginning. I bought some things from her Etsy site,,,,,and got to know her.
She's a young mom, has a busy life, but is Uber talented,,,,,,,,so check out her blog/Etsy site! You'll love it/her!

And, I'm sure you've heard this before when entering  other Giveaways, but truly? If I COULD I'd give everybody something! Thanks for Entering, I guess the odds are just THAT much more in your favor for the Next time!

So,,,,,Today? I worked on a couple of things, some larger wreaths and a few Pins......

"Hints of Spring" Wreath

Honestly? I LOVE this wreath,,,,,,,,,,if I do say so myself. My favorite colors,,,,,,,,Neutrals, touches of Spring green, and apricot. And I've been "playing" around with this "heavy duty" crepe paper I bought at Maxine's Floral in Seattle

Maxine has this A-Mazing Crepe paper that I've never seen before,,,,,,,,it's Truly heavy Duty! She's got TONS of colors, and I'm kicking myself now, that I only bought TWO! I made a FEW Huge flowers with it,,,,,,,and some leaves and simply loved it's texture, strength and possibilities! So this morning?, I made some smaller flowers and added to the wreath shown above...........but here is a closeup image............

I had some "berry bobs" of sorts, for lack of a better term,,,,,which I used for centers, and then I made several of these "lily-type" flowers for the wreath. I just kind of cut/glued and curled....this was an experimental project, that went "right!"  (Trust me, this is NOT always the case! ask me about the "Bunny from HELL" sometime -or other trials that ended badly,,,,,if you'd like! (Sometimes? You try stuff and it just Doesn't work!)

Well, and this wreath, almost "bit the dust," because well, if you follow my FB comments,  or not,,,,,,my son had an car accident yesterday,,,,,,(Ice on his college campus at (WWU) hit a light pole/my/our car totalled)  and we were on the phone today, talking insurance, soreness (he's OKAY!) etc,,,,,and when I walked back in the livingroom-my Studio in the basement has just been TOO cold to work in right now....... and found my Lab, Shadow, had not only upended said wreath, but had chewed on/ate part of the wreath! (Apparently German Cotton Spun Mushrooms are a Dog's delicacy!) So, if you refer BACK to my first pic, you'll notice, on the left, side, Large mushroom is replace by two smaller ones,,,,,,,and a decent "re-glue" job,,,,,,if I DO say so myself!

I worked on a couple of other wreaths that need to be "tweaked," but then switched to some jewelry/Pins because I am never one to do one thing TOO long......(You know about the ADD, already, right?)

So here's a few new pins I worked on today...........The Color rendition is a BIT off, as I waited till right before posting (dark) to photograph,,,,,,,but you get the idea.....

Vintage Millenery, Tulle, Ribbons, pearls and old lace......
I even had fun incorporating some feathers into a couple of the pieces that I worked on! I love trying/testing new things. Gettting more texture, more "Surprise!"

I hope you ALL have a Great Weekend! As for the "Norm," I'll be working at Joyworks this weekend!
I drove by on Thursday and noticed TONS of packing boxes outside our store. I can't wait to SEE what's new!

Hugs love and "at last" a BUS on the Cheek!
(Partially in remembrence to one of my all time FAV's, Etta James)


  1. Shell,
    Lovely, lovely stuff. And I am not sure if I said it, but thank you for your support during this time. I guess I can't say it enough!
    Big hugs and a grateful buss on the cheek,

  2. LOVE that wreath!

    I am trying to catch up on my favorite Blogs today so I am off to see what else I missed!


  3. p.s. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Mylanta! I am so sorry about the car but glad Andy is ok!!



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