Friday, December 30, 2011

Okay,,,,,,Where is it? Dyin' to see it!

Okay, So? This is like the WORST TEASE EVER! No,,,,not for You guys, but for Me!

Accccccck! I'm IN here,,,,,,Somewhere

My Sister in Law Mary called me Thursday evening to say I'd been Published in Romantic Country.......She had her (subscription) copy in her hot little hands in HER home,,,,,Like a Bazillion Miles away, over on the Penninsula (Vampire Country).  You CAN "get there from here, but it's a half a day's drive away.......

Okay, SO? I kind of knew it MIGHT happen, I'd had several Emails back and forth with the Publisher,,,,Submitted Photos,,,, but figured I wouldn't believe it, till I saw it in Print, or at least got a confirmation from the Editor, Mary........(And, No My Sister in Law is NOT the Editor-New York City and Port Angeles are WORLDS apart!)

So Okay Today? Well, actually just minutes ago, I log on and There on my Blog List is my dear friend Anne Lorys from Fiona and Twig  ??? And Annies Posted:
A:) She's in it too with some awesome Mannie Photos
B:) She's got a throat infection and "Mr. Twig" picked up not only her MEDS, but the LATEST copy already, of Romantic Country ON THE MAGAZINE STAND!!!

Not on the Stands yet in Washington State! Ackkk! But at LEAST I could copy the Cover Image from Annie's Blog and post! And here is the Other A-mazing and exciting part!

Okay, if you've been a long time follower, reader, OR just Check out the Blogs I follow,,,,,,You'll see my Workplace,,,okay, really? My "Second Home" and my "Extended Family" and you KNOW about Joyworks! Jana, My Bosses daughter (friend and co-worker) started the Joyworks Blog about "our" store several months before I ever started blogging. In fact, she inspired me to create my own Blog.

(Quick Sidebar here and if you STILL don't have your OWN blog, consider THIS! I used to post the WORST Photos,,sometimes they'd even go "on" Sideways" and I'd ask my "followers" to turn the heads or use their imaginations......LOL. It took me a while to learn better editing and I STILL learn Camera skills and other features from blog friends!......So YOU can do it too!)

Well, this Fall, Jana got an email First ,from Mary at Romantic Country........and when she told me "We" the store, might get published, we screeched and did a "high five"laughed and smiled! Then, a couple of weeks later, I got an email from Mary. It seemed TOO Good to be true that there was the potential that we'd both be published. And frankly, I think we held our collective breaths after submitting images and Emails, to see, Who/What would get Published.

Long story short,,,,,,,,as previously mentioned, I got published,,,,,,and Joyworks did too! Ackkk!
I just Can't WAIT to see it in Print! Darn it Annie, (Ms. Fiona) I'd fly down to Texas tomorrow and pick one off YOUR newstand if I didn't have to work! But I cannot think of ANYONE I'd rather be "in Print with" than you, my Joywork family and oh Yeah! I just LOVE "Castle's in the Air!"  Whom apparently I "Share" a page with! My NEXT dream, would to be to hold a Class there!

Have a GOOD Weekend All,,,,,,And the Happiest of New Years!

Love, Hugs and an OH so Grateful "Bus" on the Cheek to all of YOU and Yours!



  1. OMGosh girl you have to be on cloud 9 tonight or higher. I am so excited and thrilled for you. What you must be feeling right now.
    I can not wait now to find me a copy of this and check u out. hahaha
    Congrats to being in such a awesome magazine.
    You deserve this and wow I came over to wish you the best New Year ever but looks like that has already happening.
    Enjoy your fame
    Happy New Year

  2. That is certainly something to shout and holler about!! Congratulations! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the magazine- not here yet either!

  3. So not fair!!! can't wait to see it too! My copy hasn't gotten here yet either. Congrats, Shell!!! xoxo

  4. I've also been looking everywhere...maybe it will come in the mail tomorrow.

  5. Must be a publishing thing. I was published in the premier issue of "Pages" from Cloth, Paper, Scissors, and everyone... including my local Barnes & Noble, had their copies before mine arrived to me. Maddening, isn't it?

    Congrats on yours!

  6. I can't wait to see it Shell. I went to B&N this morning and did they have even one copy - NADA!!! So guess I'll look next week or order it off the web. Big hugs and congratulations.

  7. Good Morning, Shell,
    I will look for it when I am out today...I love that magazine.

    Happy New Years to you and your family, too. I look forward to our continued bloggy friendship.

    Take care ~Natalie

  8. great news, i will look for the mag. congrats!!!
    i hope you have a great new year.

    hugs JoAnn

  9. Way to go Shell! Happy New year friend.
    Much Love,

  10. Congrats, Shell . . . well deserved!!

    (Sorry I haven't gotten back to you--lots of *issues* at home.)

    xoxo Debi

  11. Go shout it from the mountain, you must be over the moon. Congratulations! Can't wait to see and read it. Happy New Year, this is the start of a great new year. Be safe. Much Love Linda, Wasted Jewelry.

  12. Woo hoo. You go girl. Famous. You can up your prices. Wow so good for you. Can't wait for all the articles. I'm off to hunt a copy of this!!!!!

  13. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO, Now that is BIG news. I'm so happy for you GF!! I can't wait to see what they published of yours and Joyworks!!
    Great way to start the New Year!
    hugs Lynn


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