Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Elise, I haven't even taken any Photos yet!" A Second Saturdayz Extravaganza teaser....

Oh My STARS! I had So much Fun doing the "Second Saturdayz" Extravaganza in Seattle today! I've got Pics to Edit and upload,,,,,,,,and this "old Computer didn't "Like it when I tried to edit earlier.....So Hopefully, I'll have more edited images tomorrow,,,,,,,,,,But LOL, THIS is Ironic,,,,here's my wonderful Photographer Friend, Elise......

She takes the MOST A-Mazing photos! ( And, today, she "snagged "one of my  themed boxes before I'd even taken any pics of my stuff or my booth!

.And Truly? She's the most extrodinary photographer,,,,So here ya go,,,,Shell, takin' a Pick of the utltimate "Picture Taker!"

Love it when a "Labor or Love" goes to a friend!

I'll Share more photos of the Show,,,,,,,,and SHUT UP,,,,,,,,Pictures of our Joyworks Christmas Party (Tommorrow Nite) in the next couple of days!

I SO loved the whole "Second Saturdayz' Venue, the other Vendors,,,,,,,the customers.......Thanks if you stopped by! It is truly, a "Good feeling" Venue!

More  Pics to follow! Love, hugs and Thanks to all that participated, and all those that stopped by!
Loved it~ Special Thanks to Deb and Linda for inviting me to this Venue!

Shew!..............a day of Work at Joyworks tomorrow,,,,,,,,,and Shut UP,,,,,,you will be SO jealous to see images of our Over the Top, Joyworks Christmas Party tomorrow nite!!!

Hugs of Gratitude, Love for you all and an OH so blessed "Bus" on the Cheek!

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  1. Great photo and love the little box with snowman and tree. Jingle Bell Joys...


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