Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Friends are the Family we Choose!"

Honestly? This is a tough time of year for me,,,,because my  bio family has become SO Small,,,,,,,and always scattered! My Folks are gone, I have ONE Auntie left, and truly? At times it is hard to talk to her, because she's the "last one" and was my Mom's Sis,,,,,and I miss my Mom hurts!

I don't know WHO stated, "Friends are the Family that we Choose",,,But it Truly resonates with me deeply. I have always been blessed to have friends from different "walks of life," different places,,,,but never more so than when I started to Blog and make friends! If you've been blogging for a while,,,,,the same addage holds true,,,,,,You don't Always get to talk/write or check up on your blog friends,,,,,But you are "There" for them emotionally and in turn, they are "There" for you!

I have a major list,,,,,,as long as my arm of Blogger friends that I have come to know and love. And This year? Many of them are dealing with major issues....Loss, grief, health issues themselves or those of spouses. Economic issues (I've had some of my own) and business decisions. .......These are tough times for many.

Today,,,and truly this is Small "Potatoes" in the scheme of things, but I have felt like "Doggy Do-do" for about 4 days with this headcold/flu? .....And Then? I got a little package from my Blog friend "Lynn Stevens.".....No, SHE is not "Small Potatoes!" Lynn is the "Bestest!"  (Nationally Published for her Cards/Tags and Paper crafts!
And Lynn,,,,,God Bless her, sent me a package that she Knew I would love!  A couple of her handcrafted treasures,,,and then some "Crafty items" ( She knows me well) to use in my Own projects!

Love This!

And This! Gorgeous ! this will get a special "Home!"

Supplies! Too fun! This is part of I LOVE about Lynn, She always sends me her creations and then, Sends me "goodies" to create more of my own!

including these............Love you And Thanks Lynn!

Happy "Extended Family" during this Holiday Season! I cannot Imagine my life without all of you!

Hugs/Love and a Still drippy "bus"

PS.........I cannot begin to say how much my life has Changed by getting to know some of you! I don't want to sound like an Awards Ceremony, but truly, I cannot imagine my life without Lulu, Lynn, Annie,Suz, Deb, Debra, Kris, Lisa, Vicki,Connie, Rosemarie, Amy, Elizabeth, and truly the list goes ON,,,,,,and ON!

I'll take some solace in knowing that the Majority of my blog friends can't complete a whole list either! But we ALL consider you part of our families. Worry when you're sick, when your famliy is suffering.

I hope you ALL have a GREAT holiday,,,,,whatever you do, and with whomever you spend it with! It may not be the "traditional" family around the tree on Christmas morning......I can tell you MINE won't be! But I'm wishing you a NEW tradition, a New Gratitude,,,,,,,and moments to remember ........

Hugs, Blessings and Prayers for the Holiday and New Year!


  1. You truly have one of the most beautiful hearts I have ever known. Your 'no BS', ‘tell-all from your heart’ posts are why people LOVE U!
    Happy Holidays

  2. You are so loved Shell. Looking forward to a brand new year aren't you? There may be surprises in store... ;)


  3. I couldn't imagine my life without you either. Hands down.


  4. Oh, Shell,
    I so get this. Christmas is such a hard time when you don't have the "normal" American family but thank God we have each other. Lynn should be nominated for sainthood. I got a little treat from her, too, and I also got one from you, my friend, when things were feeling ultra sad.
    You are a treasure, you know. I can laugh about "Katsui" every time I come here!
    Bless you, sweet and funny lady!

  5. Awe Shell I just can't wait till we meet in person. I'm gonna give you a big ol hug!!!
    Love ya hon!
    I receieved your darling gifts yesterday. I'm posting about them right now. Thanks sweetie!
    gotta go.
    I'll be back soon!
    hugs Lynn


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