Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! We were hoppin' at Joyworks! Lots of Clothing, scarves, decorations and ornaments flying out the door! Today was an especially pretty Winter day, the Sun was out most of the day, which brought a lot of people to our little  Historic town.

I've got a Super busy week ahead too......Holiday Hair show at Tom Walker's Hair Salon, on Tuesday Eve , 4:00pm-7:00pm. (Pilchuck Landing, here in Snohomish.) I participated in this last year, and it was really fun! All the stylists take part in giving clients and visitors a "Holiday-'Do'" idea.....They'll put you in a chair and show you a fun thing or two!
They'll be a couple of "us Vendors/Artists" there too-including my Friend and Artist Jody Carlson Cain......and I'll have "Hair Bling"-clips/headbands, etc. and  few other hand crafted items. Drawings/Gift Packs and Snacks!

Then,,,,,,,Next Saturday? You can find me at the Fantabulous "Second Saturdayz" Market Event in Seattle!  I'm really excited to take part in the show, for SO many reasons! I've come to know and love many of the Vendors that take part in this Monthly Show. Wowza! These guys are PRO's! Ladies and Gentleman, THIS is the BIG leagues and I'm honored to take part in the December Venue! "I'm not Worthy!" (What movie was that from?)

But truly I'm honored. If you're in the Greater Seattle Area, this event is held at Warren Magnuson Park
(7400 Sand Point Way, NE, Seattle, WA.) Or as I know it from my Childhood the old Sand Point Naval Station.  Early Birds starts at 8:00am and the Event runs till 3:00PM. Come on by and "Get your Jingle on!"

I spent a lot of time at that Navy base as a kid. My dad was a retired Naval Officer and we'd go to the "Commissary and the Post Exchange." It was kind of like the "Costco" of sorts, for those with Military Bennies in the 60's and 70's....I bought my FIRST cosmetics (Elizabeth Arden) on the well as some of my FAV clothes (oh my Stars I am so Dating myself...."Bobbie Brooks" Fashions)

I graduated a 17 and my "Bennies" lasted till I was 21, so I got my first set of dishes there too. Mikasa....I was in heaven! They were SO cute in my first apartment.

(Psssssssst, I say to myself...."Okay Shell", once again you have started on ONE topic (upcoming Events) and managed to slide into nostalgic oblivion,,,,,Mikasa Dishes (but pssssst......they were really really cute,,,,,,octagon plates/cups with pink and green roses on ivory porcelain) It's the ADD in me.) But they are happy memories!

 I'm hoping to create some NEW happy memories at this upcoming venue! Great Venue, fun, talented Vendor friends, Holiday Spirit! Sounds pretty good!

Have a Great new week! And say a little prayer that Shell stays on "task" and yet manages to wedge a few days of Creating in there!

My love to you all,,,,,,This is a hard time of year for SO many reasons....Pressure/deadlines/obligations, memories. Me? I'm looking for the Spirit of the Season in little things. A Thank you, a Hug, a Smile, and yes, a Prayer or two.  It's not about material things. The latest gadget, the designer purse, jewels etc. 

Have a GREAT week! I hope to share some photos of both Venues! Can't wait to see what YOU are up to!

Hugs, Love and a "Memorable" Bus on the Cheek!


  1. Whew, made it back from the show. I leave for New York on sunday. Yes It would be great to get together, after the new year hopefully things will slow down. You sound as busy as I am.

  2. Joyworks let you *out* on a Saturday . . . HOORAY!!! The sleigh is full, and we fly outa here in the mornin'. See ya, Sweets!!

    xoxo Debi

  3. Shell,
    I'd like to tell you just how disappointed I am in you. You said I was one of the 5 winners in your necklace giveaway...I've sent you 3 emails left comments on that post and have heard nothing from you I just hope none of the other winners have been treated this way!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sandy,
    You know what? I'd like to think I'm a kind and generous person. I'm sorry you haven't heard back from me. I am sincere in my giveaways and thoughts. I'd like to think that people that follow my blog and enter Contests/Giveaways, understand that at times, and given life's situations, things don't happen immediately.

    I have had several events in the last couple of weeks, not to mention a FULL schedule of Events.

    I have EVERY intention of fulfilling my giveaways, but I have been voluntarily, helping/dealing with a 92 YO that is soley dependant on ME-not her family... I don't get paid I do it out of kindness. Because her family dropped the ball...

    I also have had a renter leave me the 1st of the month, that owed me $1,000's of dollars, and the house is a mess, and I need to deal with THAT. Because that is my primary source of Income.

    I had to get ready and prepare for a couple of Shows,,,,,,,in Spite of what "life" threw my way........So I'm sorry, you don't have your Giveaway yet. But truly? Give me some credit....


  5. You know what you've had time to post on your blog all it would take is a second to send an email & explain what you just said...I have no idea what's going on in your life but it's been since Nov. 18th. think you could have let us know or me if you've let the other's know.

  6. Okay,,,,,,,,One last comment, and then, put a fork in me, I'm DONE!

    If you may recall, initially, the Giveaway was for ONE Custom Necklace. One prize. I used the Random Number Generator and a Blog friend, whose husband is deathly Ill, with Cancer, won. Then, I chose-AFTER I posted the Contest--- to give out 5 hand crafted paper prizes, to 5 more people.

    Again, if you get a "prize"/package from me, it will more than certainly contain more than what I promised. That's just "how I roll."

    So,,I'm sorry you haven't gotten a "timely" response from me, or your gift. As stated, in my recent post, there have been circumstances I did not anticipate.

    My computer is ancient.....It can literally take hours to boot up the Internet. So,,,,,I use the time to the best of my abilities. Sometimes that means addressing the most pressing Emails. Like friends who are going through life and death and grief situations....literally. Which seems to be a LOT of what I have to deal with as of late.

    Again, it has always been with the BEST of intentions to send out a few paper crafts of choice to secondary winners. Frankly, I Still haven't heard from my friend on her selection, who WON the custom necklace,,,I think she's got Bigger issues with her Hubby right now, fighting for his life.

    Gratitude? That is something that we all should have in knowing that we're "sweating the small stuff." If a person can get upset about an unreturned Email, or a latent "prize" then they don't have any REAL problems at the moment. I wish some of my friends could say the same.

    Be well, be kind. Forgive and accept. It's a friggen paper craft.


  7. Yep, your right it's just a papercraft so check me off your list. I'm sorry for all your misfortune but, that's not my fault when you do a giveaway people expect to receive their item in a timely manner or an explanation as to receiving it later, you wanted addresses I sent it all I needed was a quick explanation and that would have been fine. Hope things improve before your next giveaway.....


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