Friday, December 9, 2011

Just Moi.............Trying to do it ALL!

Hi! Thanks for Stopping by! It's Me,,,,Shell. This is a Re-introduction of sorts, because I got a comment on my last Blog post, that I wasn't fulfilling my obligations. I don't blame her! I promised giveaways, and I have yet to fulfill them! That is not at ALL what I intended............

Again, it's just me. Moi. I don't have anyone to fall back on.....4 animals, a "needy 92 YO 'friend', Two old houses (0ne, as of late, I need to clean up and "Spruce Up" for a much needed tennant, because that is a BIG chunk of my income),,and I'm in the Hole with my son's former roommate.........

Today? I set up  for Second Saturdayz in Seattle........And my little booth isn't up to Par with some of the "heavy hitters/long timers," But I'm THERE! And, SO excited about it!
Starts at 8:00am for Early Birds, and Ends at 3:00pm held at Warren Magnuson Park ( 7400 Sand Pt. Way NE, Seattle, WA)

I "owe' people emails, phone calls,and yes, giveaways. But really? I "owe" my friend Jodene who has had her Lymphoma re-occur, I "owe" my blog friend Lulu who just had her appendinx removed, I "owe my Blog friends, or Customers from Joyworks dealing with Cancer themselves, or their spouses. ..

I "Owe" a lot of you, a lot of things-Emotionally or at times Physically,,,,,,,You are ALL, always in my heart, on my mind and in my Prayers! I'm sorry, truly, if I can't "be" there all the time, in all the ways for people that I love and care about!
It's Just "Moi." Trying to juggle it All!

Hugs, Love and a "Overwhelmed"  but Loving, Bus!


  1. Oh hon, you do have a lot going on. You have your list, do one thing at a time, mark it off, then you'll be done.

  2. Girlfriend, all you can do is the best you can do. Thats it! The rest of the people are gonna have to deal.

  3. what friends are for, in good times and bad, hard times and joyful ones. That's what friends are for (sing it shell!!) you don't 'owe friends anything. Times are a little stressful for you, and most everyone else. breathe and take it one minute at a time! love the craziness that is you!!!


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