Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wishing You All a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I Hope you're all winding down and getting ready to just Enjoy your Christmas! My house is as decorated as it's going to get this year....Trust me,,,,,,if I'd had that week I "lost" there would be more,,,,,but I'm enjoying my decor this year......a bit different.....and in MANY ways,,,a BIT more Special! (See if you notice a trend of sorts....)
Glimpses of My Mantle.....Lots of Vintage,,,,,,Houses, Deer, Etc........You might notice the color scheme is somewhat Non-traditional........lots of Pastels......Pinks/Peaches/Aquas..........This pair of Deer was a gift from my Friend Sherry at the Ruffles and Rust Show,,,,,She just "thought they looked like something I'd like....She didn't even KNOW that I've collected Deer for years!

I bought this fun, Vintage Christmas Candelabra from Deb Bock,  of "Garden Party" Fame several years ago.....Love it!
(Sorry,,,,,,the bulbs and overhead light are a bit bright~)
And the swagged Vintage Garland on my mirror? From Mary (from Annies on First)

And my fun tree/fairy? from Linda Morrison from "Luluz" fame,,,,,(embellished a bit by my co-worker Sandi....)
Part of my "Joyworks" Party Prize! Thanks Linda and Sandi....Love it!
Overall view of my Tree.......
Lots of "Old lady Pink" aka Coral....Turquoise/Creme/Gold and Silver.......And Tons of Vintage......
This little Angel is from my Childhood. I LOVE her So! Maybe the FIRST of my vast Angel and Cherub Collection. My Mom and I used to go to Fredrick and Nelson's (aka Marshall Field's) every Holiday season when I was growing up and pick up a few Special ornaments from Germany......or in THIS case, (Circa 1960's....from Japan)

Treetop "Pixie" purchased from Debi Burton at Second Saturdayz Vintage Market Venue.

Okay, so as this whole pastel pallette came to mind this year, I had NO idea what I'd TOP my tree with.......And THEN? I found this whimsical/vintage Pixie from my friend Debi Burton.......Too perfect!

If you look a bit off to the right of my "Heralding Angel", you see the wonderful ornament My blog Friend Lynn Stevens  from Trash to Treasure Art sent me! It's perfect on this tree of Angels, birds and Pastels! Thanks again Lynn!

I leave a few "Bits and Bobs" on my Dining room Chandelier all year long.......But I added a bit more "Bling" for the Holidays.........This Chandelier was a great find, several years ago, when I was in a Thrift Shop in France........I paid $37 Euro for it,,,,,Well, then some Shipping, and okay, shades,,,,,and re-wiring for US currents..........But I've loved it since the day I bought it~ Perfect size for my little dining area!

And finally,,,,,,,,,here's a Glorius Silver Plate Tray I bought at Annies! (Annies on First, Snohomish, WA)
Ummm,,, It's a bit Full of Silver Balls, Chains and the likes and will be my dining room centerpiece this year.

Well, this "holiday tour" is a BIT brief this year! Chalk it up to one week this month, down for the count sick and a couple of Shows besides!! But it was fun to switch up/out my decor with some new colors! And, even MORE fun in review to see all the "Contributions" from Friends.

Again, I can NOT emphasize enough, how important my Friends are to me with my Family being SO small and scattered! I wish you ALL the Best this Christmas and look forward to the New Year ahead, with all of you in my life!

May God Bless, may you find your OWN True meaning of Christmas!

Hugs of gratitude, prayers of Healing, Love to All!


  1. Love all the vintage decor! Great photos...Thanx for sharing! Tiffany

  2. Shell,

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a bright New Year full of Love!!


  3. Wow Shell your home is amazing for the Holidays. I can't imagine anything more being added. Just lovely.
    Could not let the holidays come and go without coming by and wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a special New Year
    Love ya

  4. Shell- your home is knock out gorgeous. I adore your vintage decor and especially the pastel colors. The tree topper--- spectacular. And the mantel- and the lights- and the silver tray for your table. You know- it all just looks like what you would do--- it's truly beautiful!!

    Merry Christnas-

  5. Merry Christmas, dear Shell. You are such a gift!

  6. Shell, i love the decorating, just love it!so many neat decorations to look at!
    since all my relatives are far away, son is still in germany i am inviting bloggers to come look at my trees, i have 4 tabletop trees, i love Christmas but its just hubby and I enjoying our decorations lol.
    have a great, fun,healthy new year

    ps i figured out what was wrong with leaving comments on my blog..grrr

    hugs JoAnn


  7. Your Holiday decor looks Fabulous! Hope your Christmas was too.
    I'll write soon!
    hugs Lynn

  8. I am so thrilled to have found your blog through Maison Douce. It is all the things I love. What fun collections! The little deer are so cute.
    Can't wait to see what you create in the new year!


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