Friday, December 16, 2011

Busy Day! And some January Events........

"Happy White Trash Christmas!"
(Feel Free to grab this image and Share........I created this "Tree" a couple of years ago  as a Joke .)

I finally felt like "going out today",,,,,,,and one thing lead to another. I went here/ended up there/ talked to her/ bought from Them/Swapped with her,,,,,Ended up finally buying dog toys and treats at the Local Co-op and came home and booked TWO events for January  on and into my brand Spankin' new " Tracktor Calendar from the Co-op.....Okay,,,Where are the Studly Farmer dudes that drive the Tractors? I just had to ask.......But I digress.....Here's what I penned in for 2012!..........

First off,,,,,If you are Local, contact me ASAP, if you'd like to take part in this Event. I've talked about it for a couple of years, and finally having it "going!" It's a "Bring your un-used Christmas Stuff" and Swap it for something else,,,,Party. I'm having it here in Snohomish at Collector's Choice restraunt, ........January 18th, from 6:00pm-8:00pm. If you are Local,,,,,you bring the Christmas "Cast-offs"---Colors you don't use, the Snowmen that don't fit your Theme,,,,,,,etc and we'll do a "swap" game and go home with something else.

If you're NOT local, feel free to Steal this idea ........If you don't have a "Local Group" perhaps you can do it through your Blog friends! I'd love to hear what you come up with! Have Fun with it!


And,,,,,,I'll be instructing a Valentine  Themed Class, in Snohomish on January 25th from 5:00-7:00. The class will be open to Adults and Children over 5 years of age. All supplies will be included,age appropriate, and a list of "optional supplies" will be provided. There will also be Vintage Papers/Materials available from me, and NEW products for purchase from Scrapville.

This Class is limited to 25, adults and/or Children. Cost per adult is $20. Children and Teens $10.  There will be basic instructions and techniques for Children,,,,and advanced techniques for Teens and Adults. (Including "Sewing Paper," Fringing, Paper flowers, etc.) We'll also enjoy Cupcakes and Tea!

I KNOW this is early,,,,,,We've all got a week till Christmas.....But I had to book these Events Early, to save the dates!

Hope you're enjoying decorating/wrapping and finding special gifts for those you love! I had fun buying the Doggies some special toys today! Shhhhhh! They don't get them until Christmas!

On Monday, I'm sending out some packages and cards, long overdue. I had the BEST of intentions, and then I got Sick, so,,,,,they may be a BIT late. That doesn't mean I love you less,,,,it just means I've been ill, and trying to play Catch up! Hoping they're just as fun after Christmas,,,,,,,,it just extends the Holidays a Bit more!

Love,,,,,,a Somewhat healthy "Bus" now! (Shewwww!)


  1. Love that white trash tree! Is that ham???? and Saltines yet. I gotta make one for work

  2. Linda, Better YET, it's SPAM! Have Fun!


  3. Linda, Better YET, it's SPAM! Have Fun!


  4. ROFL @ White Trash Christmas! *giggling uncontrollably*


  5. Happy white trash Christmas--- hilarious! I'm laughing out loud!!!

    Oh how I wish I could come to the " bring your Christmas junk" party!! That sounds like more fun than a flood in a fizzy factory!!


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