Monday, December 12, 2011

Final Post.....A few More Joyworks Christmas Party photos

So, Every year, at our Christmas Party, we play "The Dice Game." We all bring a present, and once they've been opened, we set a timer, pass the dice around,,,,,,and if you get "doubles" you can "steal/switch" gifts. Sometimes we are "naughty" and sometimes we are "nice." Until the timer goes off, you don't know what you're going to end up with!

This embossed sweatshirt has gone around for years. If you get it, you embellish a bit more and someone gets it the next year! Sandi got it this year,,,,,,from Jana, but she also got a lovely mirror, I KNOW she was dyin' for!

Rita got the "Grand Prize" of sorts from Clarice! Two Days and an Ovenite Stay for two at the Beach house! Score!

Jana kept My little "Beachy" Snowman......
(and a little bit of "Somethin' somethin")

Then we all got our fun "Goodie Bags" from Clarice,,,,,She thinks up the most creative "themes" each year........of course this year,,,,,it was "Just Beachy!"

Our Creative leader, Clarice and daughter Amy........

And finally, Jana opening a hostess gift,,,,,,
Truly the 3 of them made it an extrodinary Celebration! One I'm sure none of us will forget!

We DID Miss "Our Kay" though! She was too sick to attend. And you KNOW we're sick IF we miss the Joyworks extravaganza! So Sorry Kay! Get Better!

SHEW! It was a BUSY 3 days.....Hence, the 3 posts! Thanks to all the folks at Second Saturdayz for such an amazing Event! Thanks to the Joyworks Gals for all their hard work and creativity! Okay,,,,I think I'll go grab a Kleenex!............

"Germ free "Virtual Hugs" and "Buses!"
Stay healthy!

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  1. Shell- what a fun time you girls had at the party. Love the idea of "stealing" the gifts. That sweatshirt idea is hysterical-- way too much fun!!



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