Thursday, December 1, 2011

4 years later.........

Sorry, this is a bit Hazy picture of my Mom that I scanned several years back. In this pic, several year before I was born, she was living in San Fran, CA.

Tomorrow, she will have been gone 4 years. WOW,,,,4 years? How did that happen? I still miss her everyday. She was my "bestest." She had me late in life, especially for the 50's.  She was 40 when I was born.

I didn't have a "normal' Mom growing up. First, as stated she was waayyy older than my friend's moms. Although that took me a while to figure out. Okay and Then? There was the whole, "My mom's Family left Germany in 1929 thingy, because my Grandpa knew in his bones that there was going to be ANOTHER War.........So I learned all about becoming the "Proud American" and yet,,,,,,respecting my families' History

And Then? Growing up?  Unlike most of my friends, my German/Dutch Mother "worked outside the home." That was kind of unusual in the 50's and 60's. She was an Administrator for the School District ( which allowed her to get home before I did), She was a business teacher,,,,(Shorthand/filing/typing) which again allowed her to be home before the bus arrived.) Later, she worked at the County Courthouse,,,,,,which enabled me to visit her on Lunch breaks and go ........Shopping! And then, she moved on and in her Mid-50's (My age now) got her Real Estate liscense. She did well with that, back in the Mid 70's when other's stuggled.

4 years later? Here I am. I'm never going to be my Mom. Those shoes are TOO big to fill. I look back at all she did, and all she was and it amazes me. You look at that career history above? You don't know half of it!
She made homemade whole wheat breads, canned Jams, made curtains, painted vacant houses, took care of pets, me, my brother, her step kids,,,,,,,and Frankly? I just get dizzy thinking about it all!

But,,,,,I hope, she's looking down and seeing .....No, I'm NOT her, I never Could be. But I'm pursining my creative endeavors,,,,,,,and it's exciting! And her two grandson's I gave birth to are doing Well!   Last week, Thanksgiving? I had a LOT of thanks to give to Both of my boys! They are both happy and doing well.........What more can a MOM or a Grandmother Ask?

I can't Hug my mom anymore. I miss that so! And, whether you are near OR far........I can't hug YOU as often as I'd like to! Hug your mom for ME , next time you see her. If she's Gone, then I send you my thoughts and prayers........

I was TRULY blessed. I had the "Bestest" Mom Ever. I only hope that I can somehow, in someway, SHOW the impact she had on my life! Big HUGS! I miss you Mom!

Hugs, Love and a "Happy Bus" on the Cheek, because I was "gifted with the BEST!


  1. Can totally relate! I guess we always need our Mama's

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your mother. She sounds like a wonderful woman who followed her heart and had a very fulfilling life. My mom moved from the east coast to San Francisco in the early 50's and didn't know a single person. They were sure brave. Thanks so much for sharing your memories.

  3. I'm sure she sees you Shell, and loves your color filled life. I cannot imagine how you must miss her.

    Love and a hug too,

  4. Aww sweet Shell....Your Mother sounds like a wonderful person! I know she loves you and is very proud of you. I understand how much you miss her!!!
    My Mom is in the hospital right now, she is 92 yrs. Mom will be coming back home soon...we hope tomorrow!

    Bless you dear lady,


  5. Ahh Shell that wonderful tribute to you Mom made me cry. I can only imagine how you miss her. Mothers are so special and I love mine a lot!

  6. Hi Shell, Sorry I have not been by lately, so busy. That was such a beautiful post about your Mom, I am so sorry that she is not here with you. But she did a wonderful job with you! She sounds like a wonderful lady. I will be thinking of you. Hugs, Terri


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