Monday, November 28, 2011

I've got Publishing on my mind....Whaddya Got for 2012?

Those of you that know me,,,well at least a BIT, KNOW that I am all over the creative "Board." So? One of the projects I'm working on for 2012 is a Book featuring local Artists, Gardeners, Creations, Specialized Foods, "How To" from Photgraphers, etc. So? If you are Local,,,,,,and have SOME tip/some creation/some Frosting, or Photo tips,,,,,Jump on board!  Let's create a Book of our talents/efforts endeavors!

I am SO blessed to know so Many local creative people,,,,,,Like my co-workers Jana, Kim and Jill at Joyworks,,,,,Heck even my Boss Clarice could tell you "How TO".....about a Bazillion things! (She started our store/her business with Dried Flowers and Dough Art Creations).......

I may "do" a turtorial on Crowns,etc.

So? I've been thinking, I truly want to publish a Book in 2012 of Artisan's, large AND small,,,,,But all in the Pacific Northwest area.........Washington,,,Oregon and Idaho.

I'd LOVE to do a publication eventually that features other Artists and Creative people I've gotten to know around the US.....But first? I'm concentrating on the Locals......If this is sucessful, then I will Certainly look elsewhere. And please don't think I don't admire your talents, or insights,,,,,,This is going to be a new endeavor for we'll see!

If you ARE a Northwest Artist/Crafter/Thrifter/Antiquer/Junker, Chef, Cook, Photographer/Gardener, etc. Send me a Creative Submission, a link to your blog/website AND and email addy ..........Let See what we can do!

(Hope you are all having a Great start to your week,,,,I'll be "Back" tomorrow with some crafty stuff!)

Hugs, love and a Bus on the Cheek.......

(Special Hugs and Prayers to Suz & Annie)

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