Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ribbons and Lace, Oh MY! (And, "how to get out of house cleaning, another Shell" and keep on headining through older posts IF you still want to and haven't yet, entered my Giveaway!)

So? Just so you know? The following photos were shot on my coffee table.....Yep, debris free! As I'm known to get out of hand with what and where I craft,,,,you might want to mark in on your Calendar! Okay,,,so maybe just me.....

Here's a few things I worked on today........
These are all pins,,,,,,You can put 'em on a jacket, hat or incorporate into your decor.........

They're all made with Vintage and high quality new materials.........

This one is assuredly a "statement piece!" a Bit larger.......but lends itself well to a Neutral wardrobe to give a holiday "Pop!"  I don't wear a lot of Red myself, but I'd put this on a Black or Creme colored outfit.

A few New Necklaces............

I LOVE this colorway in beiges, celery greens, cremes and gold. Lots of "Vintage goodness" in this piece!

Personal "Staple" Colors for Moi.....Black, Creme and Silver........a few pearls, a touch of lace and a few Austrian Crystals for "bling."

And finally this piece, with Golds, silver and Cremes......

There is STILL time to enter my Custom Necklace Giveaway,,,,,you just have to be patient enough to scroll down a couple of posts. I'm Sorry that my "tech" skills leave something to be desired.....I've tried a couple of times to do a recap/button/linkie you name it......So if you want a Freebie, you're going to have to put up with me! HA!

On that note,,,,,,I had a fun message left on my Giveaway today from Another "Left-Handed Shell!" She just happens to live in Austrailia,,,,,,,which got me to thinking,,,,,,,I wonder how many OTHER "Left Handed Shell's there are in the world that I've never met! Oh Lordy,,,,,The Internet is amazing!

Hope your week is going "Amazing" too! I've had fun working on upcoming Events! Truly? This afternoon, I started some major cleaning projects,,,,,,,and my vaccumn ( I can't even SPELL it right which should give you SOME indication) ..My "sucking device "ATE" the cord!......I looked towards the heavens and asked, "Really?" Well, I guess I'm not supposed to Clean today!

Hugs, Love and a Creative albeit Cluttered "Bus" on the Cheek!

(Was getting ready to post and my new dear friend  and neighbor Kelly stopped by ........We walk our dogs together as often as possible! Long walk, lots of laughs! Thanks Kell! You're the Bestest!)

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  1. YOU do live the quiet life, hahahah (that was written in my sarcastic font!!) love the pins! love your black and beige! and Love Love Love you and your sense of humor!


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