Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joyworks Holiday Open House tomorrow,,,,"Magpie Ethel" and "Girl's Day at Sand Point!

Shew!!! Okay so,,,,,,if you've been around my blog lately? Things have been a bit busy/crazy! I delivered quite a bit of "Crafty" stuff to Joyworks today,,,,,,we're having our Holiday Open House tomorrow nite! Starts at 6:00pm Ackkk! Too fun, but how did it get "here" this SOON?

And this morning? I was going to make more "Hair stuff" and pins and necklaces,,,,, but when I went to see what Jana posted on the Joyworks site,,,which lead to Kelly Rae Roberts blog.....which lead to ......ACKKKKKKK! I can't even hardly stand it! A NEW kindred spirit Blog! "Magpie Ethel."

One of her pics, inspired me to use some Jello Molds I got  from a garage sale,I'd been holding onto and trying to figure out what in the heck to DO with them...... So here ya go,,,My inspirational response from "Magpie Ethel."

I switched mine up a bit from hers by using sheet Music and Mica glitter.....

Oh "Deer!" I can "Bearly" Stand it!
Too fun to create a "story" in each little cup!

Note: I do NOT "Copy" someone's Artistic endeavors. If you look at the "Magpie' blog,,,,,you'll notice she embellished a Mouse in her Jello mold. Other than the molds themselves, I used entirely different materials,,,,,however I DO think it is important to acknowledge an Artist that came up with the original "scheme of things!" I wouldn't have THOUGHT to do this without seeing what she had done......

I would like to think that IF you "model" or emulate one of MY ideas you  would take a moment to give me credit for my creation (s). That's what we all SHOULD do as crafters and artisans.......So feel free,,,,to take my crafting ideas and use them as your own, but really? Give credit, where credit is due!

That said? I'm having a girls day tomorrow,,,,totally! No Crafting, just a morning/afternoon with my friends Sherry, her mom Carol AND several Dozen other folks when we meet up in Seattle with Linda of "Willow's Nest" for an informative session on "doing junkin' and crafting shows! Looking forward to it! And,,,NO, I won't be bringing my glue gun!

In the Evening? I'll be bringing my camera to snap photos of Customers, Vignettes and laughs at Joyworks! If you are Local, I hope you can join US all in or pre-holiday celebration!

Hugs and Love to friends near and far and a special "Bus" on the Cheek to those,,,,,that have gone "above and beyond" as of late! (you KNOW who you are,,,,,and I love you dearly!)

Wowza,,,,,the end of the week already? Hope yours has been a GOOD one! Mine never seem to end as I work at Joyworks on the weekends and "make stuff" the rest of the week!

Love, Hugs and a Busy but Happy "Bus" on the Cheek!

(I'm putting my camera in the Charger before I even check for editing errors! Hope to share some FUN images of tomorrow's gathering in Seattle,,,,,,and Joyworks Open House tomorrow NITE!)


  1. I really love those jello molds - what a great idea!

  2. you are a doll Shell! Have a great time at Joyworks tonight, will try to stop by!

  3. Wish I could be there!!! Take lots of pics!



  4. It is so funny you telling me about starting classes. We are in the process of turning Hutch Studio into classrooms and a warm and cozy place to have knitting groups, bookclubs, gather. Yes, let's get together and brainstorm.

  5. Oh yeah, Magpie's the bomb! I've also got these jello molds and have considered making these....just more ideas than time! They all look scrumpsh!


  6. Hmmmm I have some of these molds and I use them to make salmon mousse for my tea parties. Maybe I could use just a couple for crafting though . . . Love them!


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