Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And the Winnner is............But Wait,,,,,,there's MORE "mini" Winners! (5 paper Ornies going out to

Truly? Honestly? I used the Random Number Generator to pick a winner, but I cannot think of anyone,,,,,well maybe it's a toss up with my friend Suz from Katsui Jewelry, that deserves to have a little "somethin', somethin'" right now! Congrats to Annie of "Silver Crow Creations!" 

I don't think Annie would mind if I told you,,,,,because she shares on Facebook......Her husband is in the fight of his life right now. So, I'm glad that the "Powers that be" pulled Annies name out of the proverbial hat!
(Annie and her hubbs have a great site with all sorts of goodies to embellish your projects/creations! I don't have their website handy,,,,,but if you just "Google" Silver Crow Creations,,,,,,,You'll get there,,,,,,,they've got ALL sorts of goodies) That's how I met Annie,,,,,,,,from ordering things from her site and chatting on the phone about dogs/ living in an old Church in New England.........

(Email me Annie, or better yet, email me your phone # so we can talk about what you'd like! I promise to make you something that you'd enjoy wearing. You and your hubby are in my Prayers!)

And then I randomly generated 5 others, to recieve either a Paper Stocking or Paper bird Ornie. (See recent posts)
Those 5 are:
Sandy Miller
Cheryl of Chezabees Creations
Shell in Austrailia   (The OTHER left-handed Shell)
Sunflower Sue
Nancy in Gilflower, AZ

Please email me a physical addy and let me know if you want a Paper Stocking Ornie (Can be used as a Gift Card Holder) Or one of my Sheet music/book pages Bird Ornies!

Thanks for participating in my Giveaway! If I had enough time, I'd make a necklace for each and every one of you! Hope you're enjoying your week!

Hugs, Love and a Blessed Bus........for I am truly blessed with friends near AND far!


  1. oh, Shell. What kind word! We just found out that my husband's best friend is now in acute renal failure (so as to make my case stronger for the prize...just kidding) Honestly, I don't know Annie so I am going over to visit her.
    Big, big hugs and a grateful buss on the cheek!

  2. Congrats to the lucky winners!!

  3. The powers that be, Sounds like Annie really needed a little somein somein right now! Congrats to all your winner Shell, you have a heart of gold my friend!
    hugs Lynn

  4. Shell,

    I'm so excited to be one of the 5 winners I sent you an email with my address I hope you received it okay thanks so much

  5. Congrats to all the lucky lucky winners. If Shell makes it- you can bet it will be beautiful!
    Ps- prayers said for your friend Annie and her husband.

  6. Congratulations all you lucky winners!
    Thank you Shell for having such a fun and generous giveaway!

  7. Oh Shell thank you so much!! I am so excited to be a winner - what a lovely surprise this morning when I eventually got my computer up and running again!! I have emailed you! :}


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