Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks!

Tomorrow, as we all know is Thanksgiving! ,,,,,,,,Associated with food, with family and/or friend and of course,,,,,the day BEFORE everyone starts their Holiday shopping frenzy!

I get to see both of my son's tomorrow. They were a Bit slow on the invite, but both will be here at LEAST for a while......
(Too funny, and I love this, both my handsome young men, last year with "Man hand's" making one of our family traditions-decorated sugar cookies, prior to Christmas.)

The rest of my family? Is scattered to the Winds. My Brother and Sister in law Mary  (below) live the closest,,,,although they are over on the Washinton state Penninsula,,,,,,a half day's drive away!

Mary and Moi.......This summer prior to Farm Chicks in the Davenport Hotel

She's more of a Sister than a "Sister in Law." I loved her from the moment she started dating my brother. They're been married forever,,,,,,and I truly, TRULY cannot imagine my life without my Mary! I am SO thankful to have her in my life......(my Bro too,,,,,but he's quiet and somewhat elusive!)

And then I've got ALL my friends that I consider family...near and far,,,,,,,and that Truly includes all of YOU! My family is small,,,,,spread apart. Tomorrow,,,,I'll just have my one son Sean for Thanksgiving. That means the world, truly. And My younger son, will be here for the morning so we can catch up on his approaching degree, and life in general..........

I always wanted a HUGE family! Cousin's, in-law's, the likes. I wasn't blessed with THAT,,,,,,but I think I've been further blessed with friends than most!

Wherever you ARE, whatever you DO tomorrow,,,,,,I wish you a day filled with Thankfulness. With Charity, with Love and Appreciation!

A BIG OL' Thankful HUG, a loving Bus to YOU and yours!

Special Prayers and thoughts going out to Suz, Anne, Annie, and  Lynn......You all mean the World to me,,,,,,,and SO many others! May God protect you, keep you and grant you solace in the upcoming days!


  1. Shell - I love seeing your sons and your sister in law, Mary. It is so nice to be able to put a face with a name. I'm sending you wishes for a wonderful day tomorrow with your family and friends. I am excited to also be off - I have volunteered to work for the past MANY years - this is actually my first year to take off in 14 years. I will get to play with grand babies - and visit with sisters.

    Sending you love my friend~

  2. Jack has 8 pet sitting jobs today and my kids can't come until tomorrow. So I have the luxury of being totally alone all day with no interruptions and I plan to work in my studio all day. YEAAAAAA! Happy Thanksgiving to you Shell!

  3. Hope your Turkey day was wonderful am I am glad both the boys were able to be there!

    We are still waddling around over here!!



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