Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Foil Goils" .....Too fun to make! (And a soup recipe!)

So,,,,a couple of months ago? I found these old spun-cotton heads (in a bag with some kind of creepy rubber ones) for a Buck, and I've been dying to use them! Add some foils from the dollar store, some vintage pipe cleaners and,,,,,,,here are the "Foil 'Goils'"!

Too fun to make! I've made bunnies and dolls before and I'm sure you know what I mean, that when you start working on them, they take on a life and personality of their own.......

These gals are KIND of like their Vintage cousins from Japan in the 50's and 60's-and although they all have wings, or at least a halo of sorts,,,,they're a bit more "glam!"

Blondes, redheads, brunettes,,,,,some a bit THICKER, some a bit more petite! All have Vintage "accessories." They're all glammed up for the Holidays at any rate! I think I'll keep One,,,,,,and sell the rest! Do you see a "Fave" and if so, what would you name her??

Halloween Re-cap and scroll down for the Scoop,,,,,err Soup!

I was GOING to take pics last nite of the Thousands,,,,,okay not thousands but at least 600 or so Trick or Treaters,,,,and my camera wasn't charged. (Note to self, do NOT leave camera plugged into the puter!)
But yes, my Friend/Neighbor Kelly and I gave out Candy to the Masses.......you cannot even BELIEVE this little Historical  (Hysterical ?) community on Halloween!

So Kelly? She's a Vegetarian........and so I attempted to duplicate a recipe that Deb Bock (Garden Party Blog Fame and dear friend) had up in Mt Vernon a couple 6 weeks ago or so......And Shut UP!
My soup turned out GREAT! So here's the dealy-0.

Vegetable Peanut Soup

Stuff you need:
Half a Large Onion/Diced
Olive Oil
3 cans Vegetable Broth
One bag Frozen Cauliflower (is that spelled right, because it sure looks wrong)
One can Garbanzo Beans (Or Chick peas, depending on where you live)
3/4 Cups Creamy Peanut Butter
One Bag Frozen  Mixed Carrots, Peas and Corn
Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper
Red Crushed Peppers
Powdered Clove

(1/2 Cup Half and Half Optional)

Okay,,,,,,So,,,,Easy Peasy!

In a Large Soup Pot
Brown Diced, Onion in Olive Oil and a couple pinches of Sea Salt

When Browned, Pour in the Vegetable Stock/Cover
Bring to a Boil

Once Boiling, Add Cauliflower
Continue Boiling until Cauliflower becomes Soft enough to:
Use an Emersion Blendor/ Potato Masher or Wisk and break Cauliflower into small pieces.

( I used a  large wisk, which worked just fine after cooking the Califlower about 6 minutes or so past the "normal" stove top cooking time.)

Add all Remaining Ingridents EXCEPT Frozen Mixed Veggies and Half and Half!

Your adding....

 Garbanzo Beans undrained
Peanut Butter
1/2 teaspon of Cumin
1/8 teaspon of Ground Clove
appx 1/4 Teaspoon of Crushed Red Pepper
(for starters, you can taste it after it simmers for a while and add more, if you'd like)

Simmer for about an hour.
(Taste and see if you want more Bite and add a bit more Crushed red pepper if desired.)
Increase Heat to Medium
Add Frozen Veggies and  *Half and Half
Cook for about 20 Minutes and Serve.

* About the Half and Half,,,,,,I think next time I make this I'm going to leave it out. Truly, between the pureed Cauliflower and the peanut butter, it's pretty creamy as it is........

I served this with Corn Bread Muffins. 

If you try it, let me know what you think!

Hope you had a GREAT Halloween and are having a good week!
Hugs, Love and a "hearty warm" BUS on the Cheek!


  1. Too cute, Shell!! Their dresses are divine! :)

  2. Those Goils are LOVELY!!!

    I need to get your recipe for the White Chili Chicken again!!!

    Call me this weekend if you have time!!


  3. Hi sweet Shell-
    Those "girls" are absolutely previous! You are so right- they do each have their own personality!

    I'd love to make that soup- I think I will give it a try on my next day off. I'm leaving out the half and half too- I'm doing the weight watcher thing- so I gotta make it as lean as possible. Thanks for the recipe!
    Love ya-


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