Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boot Scootin' Christmas!

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I found a couple Dozen or so of these fun Vintage Christmas Santa Boots last year when I was in "Walnut, Iowa" with some of my Silver Bella Co-horts. (Lulu, Kim, Jessi and Cheryl) when we were "junkin' and Antiquing. Here's this years take on the handful or so I have left.........

Vintage elements and, added a bit of Sheet Music this year..........

These 3 are in Joyworks and I'll probably have a few more at Second Saturdayz in Seattle in December...

Speaking of Joyworks and "Silver Bella?" We've been Hoppin' in Joyworks and there are So many fun things to come and see,,,,,,,including TONS of cute clothes and Home & Holiday decor!

Working on these boots? Made me think of ALL the wonderful women I met at Silver Bella  in Omaha last November! Most importantly "my Lulu." Ya'll would LOVE her if you haven't yet met her! And all the other GREAT and talented women I had the opportunity to meet..........It was amazing!

In my wildest dreams, I'd love to have an opportunity to meet all the wonderful women I've met in "Blogland." Each one has a Story.....We need a "Super Bella" or something like that,,,,,,,where we can ALL get together!

Hope you had a GREAT weekend!
Hugs, Love and a Boot Scootin' "Bus on the Cheek!"

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  1. I am so missing Silver Bella right now. I still am laughing about your Katsui story, Shell!
    Big hugs and a sentimental bus on the cheek


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