Friday, November 25, 2011

Not so "Black Friday"!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! As previously mentioned, mine was scheduled to be pretty "low-key," but very enjoyable nonetheless. Okay, Really? There was that ONE incident when I went to heat up the Turkey drippings on the stove top? And the pan exploded,,,,(hmmmm, I thought that Italian baking dish that I purchased could survive everything, short of a nuclear attack.....apparently NOT the case) But,,,,I managed to make a decent gravy at any rate!

So today?( I am SO not about "Black Friday!" After working at Nordstroms for 14 years,,,,I avoid Malls and Crowds like the Plague! At 10:00AM, my dear friend Deb Pate, one of my fantastic "Deb Friends" swung by and picked me up and we headed out to Monroe!  No,,,,not to go to the BOX stores,,,,but to Visit M&M Antiques-always my FAVE Antique store, and a few other Antique Stores on Lewis Street (in Old Town Monroe) and stopped in to see my friend Julie,,,,,,at her darling Shop, "Glitter and Ivy."

I just LOVE Julie (Middle),,,,she's so talented, driven and sweet. Stop by her Cute little store, "Glitter and Ivy" on Lewis Street in "old town" Monroe, Wa.  As luck would have it, her Folks were in town today from Birch Bay,,,,,,(up near the Canadian Border) and I got a chance to meet them.......Too cute!They were all headed to downtown Snohomish tonight for Family night..........

I just got home from taking the Dogs for a walk down on 1st street..........Oh Lordy! I don't attempt to do that often with lots of people around.....We stopped in Joyworks and managed to tangle up a friend of mine,,,,,Mark Henry amidst the leashes! Mark was a good sport about it,,,,,"we" got a few Pets and headed out!

I LOVE spending my Holidays in Small shops,,,,,and stores! Tomrrow is "Shop Small Business" Days,,,,,or something to that effect. I live it YEAR round, I hate the malls........and for the most part, the Box stores.....(Okay, admit to hitting Target a couple times a year, but THAT is IT!)..........

Come see us in Snohomish Tomorrow,,,,,,or support the Small business in YOUR community,,,,,,,,,Use 'em or Lose 'em! Now wouldn't you MUCH rather shop at stores where they recognize and appreciate you.......or you COULD just head to Walmart! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk!

Hugs and Loves and a Small Shop worker Bee's Bus on the Cheek!

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  1. I would be right in Joyworks tomorrow if I lived out that way with purse in hand to spend some money on new clothes!! I saw Jana's displays on the Joyworks blog and I was drooling! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her shop and can't wait to visit it when I come out there next year at some point! Eeeeeeeek! I will be in heaven!


    p.s. Your hair looks fab in that pic!


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