Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kitch to the Max.......Or why the birds kept me up!

So? If you caught yesterday's post, and even if you didn't- I feel like I've got a LOT going on right now. Frankly, I'd invite you in for a cup of Coffee or Cider and tell you  all about it,,,,,but at present, you wouldn't find a surface other than the ONE "sacred" kitchen countertop that didn't have STUFF on it!

As formerly mentioned, my living/dining room WAS somewhat clutter free, although depending upon whom you ask, that too is open to debate.......Truly? I STARTED to make hair clips/ bands/ etc this morning,,,,,,But I kept thinkin' about these dang BIRDS,,,,,and the Sheet Music nest I made yesterday,,,,,,,and well, one thing lead to another,,,,,and before you know it, I'd scooped up my 1st hours work  (Again, seeing Where in the World Matt was) and started on some "Bird Boxes,,,,,,,,,and a bit of other Kitch." Or, as my dear friend Deb Bock would say,,,,,"Mid-Century Modern."

I had fun,,,stepping out of the "Traditional" Christmas colorway and making these items! Some will be available at Joyworks, other's at the "SecondSaturdayz" Event in December in Seattle......

A look at the end results............

So THIS Vintage Bird (and it's sibling, got me thinking (around 2:00am) about doing a couple of other bird "boxes"......with nests and the likes..........

And, I'm all about the turquoise right now,,,,,,so This one got a "Crepe nest" instead.......

And, well, when I found these birds at some garage sale, or whatever, there were also 'mini" retro birds in the bag.....which ended up in "ornies".......

Retro Bird Reflecter Ornie..........

Another Bird ornie,,,and oh yeah? Reflectors???

So, am I the ONLY one that starts on ONE thing that leads to another,,,,,,,and another????

And Finally? Pink Tissue tree. Okay I'm comin' clean here! This "beast" is STILL not finished! HA! It sounded like a good idea at the time.......Using those darn "Martha Scissors..."cut some "fringe" but leave enough "solid' edge to wrap the tree. .....What a Pain in the backside! So, honestly the "tree" is about 3/4's done,,,,,,and tucked itself nicely behind my boxes to NOT show what Shell hasn't yet finished!  Hey, "Foodie" photographers cheat all the time!

Tomorrow,,,,,,truly, I'm back to hair and neclace "stuff!" I got quite a few "roses" done today to hit the ground running tomorrow and finish product! (Okay, I'm ADD,,,,,,but for the MOST part it still all comes together in the end!

I'm blaiming "The Creative Fairies!" I had an agenda this morning, started out on track...and at somepoint, those DANG birds just called my name!

Happy Tuesday!
(If you haven't YET entered my Necklace Giveaway,,,,,you can STILL scroll down a couple of posts to Enter! I'll be drawing a Winner on the 15th~)
Hugs, Love and a "Kitchy" Bus on the Cheek!


  1. oh I've missed so many days... Thanks for catching me up. AND WOWIE ZOWIE you have been busy! love your vintage ornaments! I'm not really a bird person... I love your stars and crowns for sure. Wish I had time to create. You sound much more positive than when I looked in on you last. Good FOR you! love your creations-you-and your undaunted spirit!

  2. I am loving all these fabulous creations! You are one crafting machine Girlie!



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