Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh Joy! (Also known as a Bird in the hand is worth 25Cents!) Monday's Stuff and an Artist's Serenity Prayer

Well, I don't know about the REST of you,,but with the time change this weekend? I was up at the crack of black! So, I grabbed some tools and supplies from my Studio (brrrrrr, cold down there!) and started up the glue gun.....

One bird, one box, a bit of sheet music lead to this......

I was playing around with those Martha fringe scissors while trying to figure out "Where in the World was Matt Lauer?" And thought maybe I could make kind of a "nest." ....

And well, what the heck was I going to put "said nest" on?

I glued sheet music around a small unfinished box.....added a crepe paper medallion and a bit of "frou frou"
Oh yeah,,,,,,,and the Bird? She came from a Vintage Cake Topper I found for a Qtr!

After the house warmed up a bit, I got busy making some paper stockings out of Cavalleni Papers. I LOVE their images! These little stockings are JUST big enough to hold a Gift Card..........

Some Traditional Colorways...........

Others with Birds and bits of Aqua...........I have a pretty good supply of Vintage
stickers from the 40's and 50's -they were fun to add to these!

Practically, I should probably work on a few more "paper" projects tomorrow, since it looks like Santa's little helper's blew confetti and paper bits all over my Studio..........but I've got a holiday hairshow coming up soon,,,,,,,so to pull out the ribbons/lace and the likes or NO?  (Well the livingroom isn't looking TOO bad after I moved things down to the Studio this morning...... I COULD leave the paper mess down THERE,,,,,,and start a Whole new MESS upstairs!)

Oh My Stars! I just thought of a New "Serenity Prayer!"

Artist's Serenity Prayer
God Grant me the Serenity to accept the messes I cannot Change,
To Change the messes I cannot Accept
And the Creative Wisdom to know the difference!


Hope your week is starting out well, whatever you're doing!
Love, Hugs and a Creative Bus on the Cheek!


  1. cutest post ever!!! love your poem...and you too!

    after this weekend, we're getting together just for fun! ok?

    deb ;)

  2. LOL Love the nest and the prayer. I think I'll print it out and put it in my studio! LOL

  3. Great Prayer........maybe YOU should
    make a few that could be hung, and have them for sale?

  4. Gorgeous, Shell. That reminds me of the pretty of pretties that I won! Best thing EVER.
    Love that prayer...heehee!
    Hugs and a hopeful bus on the cheek (we are at Mayo, hoping Jud will be accepted for a study.

  5. Your creativity is getting better and better Shell . . . GREAT post!

    xoxo Debi


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