Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Traditions and Recipes!

We've all got em! Those family traditions that get carried out Year in and Year out.........They can be Spritually guided..... (Midnight Mass, Christmas Morning Service), Nostalgically guided,,,,,,,a Movie, a Song, a repetitive or expected gift..........

Here's a couple of Mine. I'd LOVE to hear what YOU'VE Got!

One ongoing tradition in my household, although my "boys" are now 26 and 30 ,,,,,,,is the annual "Pez" dispenser.

(Image, courtesy of Ebay)

My Boys,,,,or now young Men, get a Pez dispenser from "mom"me/ every year............And we also have an annual tradition of making/decorating Sugar Cookies. Then, at the main Christmas meal, there are my long standing, expected  Holiday Potatoes. I think the rest of the Activities could fall by the wayside,,,,,,but I'd best prepare (or in recent years get HELP learning and preparing) My Potatoes.  They get devoured during a Holiday meal (Both Easter AND Christmas) but almost as importantly sent "off" do be eaten later..........
So,,,,,,,first off,,,,,here's my Recipe............I hope you Enjoy or save it for an upcoming Fete!

I shared it this eve with my friend Maggie of "Just Between You and Me" fame.......and it kind of created this Avalanche of Menues/ and Traditions.............So, here ya go! If it keeps my "boys" coming home for Holidays, then I guess it's worthy of being shared!

"Shell's 'Family' Holiday Potatoes"

2pkgs "Country Style" Hashbrowns,,,,,(Not the Shredded for mine, but the Cubed.)
One Large or 2 smaller Onions/diced
About 4-5 large  Fresh cloves of Garlic/Minced
2 Pints of Sour Creme ( I usually do ONE Reg and the Second "Light" HA! Not fat free though---never never,,,,,,this is Holiday "eats" remember?)

Parsely,,,,about 2 Tablespoons Fresh (preferred) or Dried.
 1 1/2 tsp Course Ground Sea Salt,,,,and 1 teaspoon Fresh ground Pepper.

Enough Shredded Cheddar Cheese to liberally Cover the Top of dish/dishe(s).

In a Medium sized bowl, mix diced onions/sour creme/herbs and spices.Set aside.

Allow Hashbrowns to thaw. Then Throw in a LARGE Mixing bowl, add the sour creme mixture above.

Mix by Hand (brrrrrrrr, but works) or with a large heavy Spoon completely.

Firmly Press mixture into a Greased/buttered Baking dish,,,,,,Usually about a 15x10,,,or you can use a couple of them. (Potato Mixture should be about 3 inches thick, per baking dish and then cover each dish liberally with grated Cheddar Cheese.) I usually have to make a few smaller ones and send home with my boys. Again, I stress, each Potatoe Mixture/dish, needs to be covered liberally with grated Cheese.........

Bake in a 350 degree oven for appx 20-30 Minutes. When Cheese STARTS to brown,,,,,Create a "Tent" ^ of Foil......(Pitched above Cheese so it doesn't Stick) and cook for another 30 minutes)

Again, this is GREAT with Ham! Or a Beef Roast! And great to make ahead!

For a couple of  years, I put up a stocking for my Husband Karl, who ironically was a Pilot, and yet died in a Car Accident on his way HOME from Flying. He was a a GREAT Step dad to my boys,,,,,,,but we'd all write messages when they were little,,,about what they'd like to "say" and put them in "Karls" stocking. " I miss your hugs," I miss doing "loopedy loops in the plane" and not letting mom know." They were funny/endearing and "from the heart messages" to their step dad.

I'm thinkin' Maybe this year,,,,,,although she's been "gone" now for several, it would be fun,,,,,,,and yes, maybe even Funny now,,,,to Put up a stocking for my Mom,,,,,,and have the Boys write a message. They both LOVED their Grandma So,,,,,,,Let's Share an Antic, a laugh, a smile and remember!

Okay,,,,Put a fork in ME,,,,,I'm Done! But I'd SO love to hear YOUR traditions/your Meals/Desserts, Movies/ Music,,,,,,,,The Traditional and the "Not so Much!" Pls Share with the "rest" of us!

Come ON! I KNOW you've got some Great Dishes/Pics and Traditions to Share!

Hugs, and Big  Festive Loves!

(I love that this can be prepared a day ahead of time, in fact I think it's better that way,,cover in Plastic Wrap and/or Tin Foil) and store in the Fridge.)

Bake at 350 Uncovered for appx 30 minutes-or until Cheese just Starts to brown,,,,then cover the top with a Tin Foil Tent ^ and continue baking for appx 30 Minutes.

(Image from Ebay)


  1. I just copied down that Potato Recipe and I'm going to make it for Christmas eve - I'll let you know how it turns out!

  2. Well, you know I don't have recipes to share since I don't cook! LOL!

    Rick always makes that recipe's our favorite!!

    I hope your day is good and hope you are feeling much better!!


  3. Move over meat, here comes the TATERS!
    Merry Christmas Shell,
    Kathy and Kris

  4. Your recipie sounds like some good ole comfort food. I will have to try. Since my family lives on both ends of the country, family traditions aren't as much fun. The one though that my Mom carries on for me anyway is date pinwheel cookies. I can eat the whole batch myself with a quart of cold milk. The best.

  5. yum going to make it for hubby and me!!!
    hugs JoAnn

  6. Love your tradition for Karl. And, my boy do I want to make those potatoes. I want some right now!!!!
    Bug hugs,
    Hungry Suz

  7. Shell- your recipe sounds fabulous- I think it's MY new potato recipe!!

    Our tradition us to do a huge family party on Christmas Eve. We start around noon and go all day into the evening. Lots of food- !!! We pass out the presents and one person at a time opens their gifts while everyone watches- that's why it takes all day!!

    We used to do this at my parents house- but now that they are gone-- we all gather at the home of my youngest sister. It's great fun--

    Love you-


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