Monday, December 12, 2011

Joyworks Christmas Party

Clarice, Jana and Amy out-did themselves decorating the Beach Cabin for our Joyworks Christmas Party last evening!  Enjoy these images....................
This "Chippy old White" coffee table was part of our group Gift to Clarice for the beach house.......
Our Dining table was Delightful!

Gorgeous Mantle!
Every Window had a vignette...........
Then there were the Packages..........(Amy's cute Bag, a Snowman made out of Sand dollars)
There was "JOY" Everywhere!
Oh, yeah.........And Comfort!
(Well, maybe other than my "Sneezy, drippy" self! )
No detail was too small,,,,,look at this fun little feather tree,,,,,Clarice created beach glass ornies!

Fun old Mason Jars,,,,loaded with beachy goodness!
Fun handmade ornaments on the tree!
driftwood and shell tree...........

We even had these delicious little "palette cleansers" (lemony sorbet) before the main course of Chicken Lasagna........Too fun!

After we'd stuffed our faces,,,,,,it was time for Gifts, and Games and Merriment, Oh MY!
Fun Packages to choose from,,,,,and Great Gifts to "Steal" from one another.......

Apparently, this Post isn't going to allow me to post any more images,,,,,,,so I guess, this will be a 3-Post Day! ............Back in a couple with the Last Installment of "What Shell Did over her Weekend,,,,,,and maybe WHY she ended up getting the Headcold from "H,,E -Double Hockey Sticks"
But the fun continues,so,,,,,one more post!

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  1. Seriously- this is the most amazing cottage- the decorations are fabulous- love every single picture!! The snowman gift bag made from sand dollars was way too cute!

    Meant to say in your previous post- your beachy snowman is to die for--- what I wouldn't give for him!!

    I love peeking in on your parties- such a great time!


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