Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Whimsical Whites,,,,,an Intro

As previously Mentioned, I "did" my first Second Saturdayz Show in Seattle on Saturday. I'd done shows with a FEW of the Vendors, but there were new Vendors (to me) that were Fantastic!

Yesterday, among sneezing/dripping and posting, I visited my Second Saturdayz booth neighbors blog from "Whimsical Whites."

 These two Sisters at Whimsical Whites.. put the "A" in amazing! They're booth, which they "do" at the Second Saturdayz  Event, every month was amazing this weekend,,,,,Truly? I wanted ALL their Stuff! Kathy and Kris have quite the "eyes." And not only do they "do Whimsey, Vintage and extrodinairy Antiques,,,,They "do" flowers!  Shut UP! And,,,,,,,,Drumroll here,,,,,They have a Shop in Kent, WA! I've yet to visit, but if you check out their Blog,,,,You'll get a "Taste!"

Kathy and Kris don't "do' Facebook.  (As a woman that doesn't have a Cellphone I can  SO relate to this concept.) But they DO have a Blog,,,,And when I checked it out yesterday,,,,,They had 12 Followers! 12? Ackkkkkk! You need to SEE their Stuff, their creative Talents,,,,,the arrangements,,,,,and You NEED to Follow their Creative Site!

I'm a firm believer in, "Something's Happen for a reason!" Well, I'd say, I was meant to meet Kathy and Kris,,,,see how talented they are and Share it! Follow their blog and see what fabulous things they're up to!

Hugs, Love and a insightful "Bus".....although keep your distance still, because I'm a drippy Wheezy blog friend!

(Check out http://whimsicalwhites.blogspot.com/) and become a follower!


  1. I found your wonderful blog thru Kathy and Kris's blog! :) Arent they just the best?!! I LOVE their shop too~ xo Rachel

  2. Shell,
    You have been sooooo kind to us! Thank you for the being YOU. We have admired your work for quite awhile. We don.t have followers cause we are always are working. Sure hope your flu goes away soon.
    The Best,
    Kathy and Kris

  3. Going to head over to visit right now!

    I hope you feel better quick Sweetie. I had an emergency appendectomy last Tuesday night so I am grounded now for 3 weeks *sigh* I am already bored!!

    Off to the surgeon this morning for a little check up!


  4. See? I knew you'd love these girls ;) Why do you think I made you neighbors at the show? I've known and loved them for a long time. Lets go visit them and do tea after Christmas!!!!
    Love you Shell,
    Deb ;)


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