Monday, December 12, 2011

Second Saturdayz and the Joyworks Party

Well, it's a good day to sit and upload Pictures, I am a sneezy wheezy/drippy Mess! But enough that, Here's some Pics .......

Loved this Booth!

Ormorlulu,,,,,,,always makes a BIG splash! (Fantastic Debi and Jim!)

One of John Bob's Fantastic Wreaths!

Dyan's Yummy Goodness~

Met my nice "Booth Neighbors" from Whimiscal Whites,,,,,,,,,I wanted it ALL!

Fun Paper Crafts!

(This was my first time doing this Venue, I was not familiar with all the Vendors, so, please feel free to leave a link or comment if you know who the Vendor is..............)

And here's a few images from my little Booth! Again, the day went way too fast, I wish I would have taken more images!

My little Silver Tree........
A few images from My booth,,,,,,But I got BUSY FAST Saturday! So fun to see so many Friends, "Repeat Buyers" and Customers from Joyworks!

Some Fun familiar Faces!

Cherub and Angel Vignette..........(You know how I like to put Hats on things!)

The whole Show was a "Joy."

Bits and Bobs..........

Moss Wreaths........

Again, Too FUN! Deb and Linda put on an Awesome Event! I look forward to doing another Show with them Soon!

Okay,,,,,now I'm going to grab a new Tissue, throw on yet ANOTHER layer of Clothing and then I'll post the Joyworks Party Pics!)

(You SO do NOT want me to Hug you right NOW!)
Air Kiss!


  1. loved having you Shell, you did it like an old pro. Hope you can come and do the show again. OX L

  2. Gosh Shell I miss you! Never thought we would loose contact but I have not been a good friend to you and I am so sorry.
    Seems like something keeps me from visiting friends like I really want to.
    Love your post with everyone's beautiful booths. Yours is as lovely as I would imagine it to be.
    I know you have been super busy for the holidays but I do hope your well.
    I wanted you to know I am having a giveaway from a nice company so if you can slip by and enter that would be great. And good luck if you do.
    I think of you often

  3. Hello Shell,
    You were such fun as a neighbor at second Saturdayz. Have a wonderful Holiday.
    Warmest Regards,
    Kathy and Kris


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