Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some Projects, Hair and Magazines!

Shew,,,,crazy couple of Days! I got a lot of projects done and because ahem,,,,we've still had Gallons/Buckets or Rain falling in the great (?) Pacific Northwest,,,,,I focused, once again on a lot of "Brights!" 

Little Vintage Bird,,,,,Embellished in a handmade nest......sits atop Vintage Green Depression Glass

I had BIG fun creating this one! I just love taking some Vintage elements and combining them with a few new pieces,,,,,,and a suprising twist......

The little background banner is hard to read,,,,but it says "Celebrate." These days, with all that is going on in the world and our lives,,,,,,,I think we ALL need to "Celebrate" even the little things,,,,those small joys/triumphs in everyday life! "Celebrate" :
The Perfect cup of coffee in the morning
The Lovely conversation with a Friend, Neighbor or Family Member.
The Song from your Youth that brings happy Memories.
Crisp and Clean Sheets tonight on your bed......

Well, you get the picture....It's looking for the Little things that SHOULD make you smile.......Celebrate those moments!

I'm Celebrating a GREAT visit from the "Creative Fairies" ( a phrase from my dear Lulu) these last couple of days,,,,,I was "ON." Not by ANY means to say that I was perfect or created things everyone would like,,,,,,,but just feeling like you have a "voice" a "presence" that encourages you to TRY new and different things!

So,,,,Here's a few "Badges" I made-THIS TIME.... out of the old wallpaper I scored last week........

Sorry,,,,hard to Read! As I was shooting these pictures on my dining room table the SUN came out! Whatta? I've forgotten how to take pics when it isn't great/dark or Raining.........But you get the gist.........

Which leads to my "Spring Banner".............

Oh yeah,,,,,Our Great Cavellini Paper's from Joyworks,,,,,and that DANG Sun popped in as I was shooting! (It's the Fairies Fault, I tell you! ...Don't take your creations Too seriously!)
(You can click on the image to enlarge and at LEAST get a better idea.....)

Which brings me to,,,,ahem, the HUGE Butterfly I made out of a similar Paper from Cavellini.............This guy is Wired/glittered and ready to Go.....I think I'll make a few more for the Upcoming Events. Here in Washington, I think, even if you favor a neutral pallate,,,,,,You need a bit of Color,,,,,and Oh yeah-Some Bling! (Perfect for your "Creative Fairies) to catch a Ride on!)

I got my "Hair Did" today,,,,aka  my hair styled and Pink highlites redone." I took quite a stash of My Bobby Pin Hair clips  (aka "Bobby Blings") to my fav Hair Salon today,,,"Tom Walkers Hair Salon" ,,,,I've decided to sell them for $6.00, with $1.00 going to the RED CROSS........I've learned how to make them pretty quickly,,,,,so IF you ordered some from me at a higher price,,,,I'll adjust the pricing! (If you're local, they have some of the Clips in stock there,,,,,and I'll make more for Joyworks, 2nd Saturdayz,,,,,etc.) And, again, IF you have custom colors in mind, let me know,,,I'll be happy to make them!

The Younger Gals working in the Salon were "all over" the former Vintage Hair clips/turned Bobby Pins......Too Funny,,,,,they remind ME of my Auntie Lila!...........

One last thing,,,,IF-Ahem, you've followed me THIS far.....Timi is NOW carrying copies of "Where Women Create," "Where Women Cook" and various other Stampington Publications at Ruffles and Rust Square. So,,,,,,if you are Local, and want to purchase a Publication or Two,,,,,they are NOW available in Snohomish! Ackkk! Bless You Timi and Annie- This is GREAT!!!

I hope your week is going well! We're supposed to get ,,,,,SHUT UP! I know! Sun tomorrow! I may not post for DAYS,,,,,,as IF I DO got outside,,,,,I'm sure I'm going to find Muscles I haven't found in a LONG Time......If  you don't see me after a couple of Days, send Help and Ben Gay!

Hugs, Love and a Hopeful Springtime "Bus"


  1. We are on the same page Shell...SUN tomorrow!!! Don't walk RUN outside!!! Yaaaay! Until our regularly scheduled rain on Thursday...

  2. Oh, girl, you are so creating like crazy. Crazy wonderful that is. I am all for looking at the little things but need a little reminder. They are so important and, I think, the best of what we have. Tonight we laughed for about a half an hour over some silly thing. I kept remembering and laughing again. Now Jud is queasy from his chemo today but it was so much fun to have us both laughing and happy. Just wish I could get the creating bug back...it is slowly returning...just not as quickly as I would like!
    Sending hugs and a happy bus on the cheek!

  3. I think you need to put Kodi and Shadow to work helping you! You are a one crafting mad woman!! LOVE all the new pieces!!

    It's raining buckets here......BLEH!!! I feel like I am out there with all this rain!


  4. You, my girl, are getting so many pretty things finished that you make me feel like such a shlep. I'm thinking I lost my creative spark or maybe it is just laziness. Yea, let's go with the laziness! But you inspired me today!

    Thanks for the 'cussing out' for not leaving more comments. The pack of wolves that kidnapped me read your note, felt sorry for me and released me if I promised to sit at the computer for hours at a time and leave a comment on every blog I visit. Little did they know that is what I do anyway (except for the leaving a comment) so I swore to uphold all blog rules and here I am again!

    We finally have sun here but the wind is strong enough to tear your clothes off if you dare to venture outside. The neighbors banded together and decided to lock me in cuz they sure don't want to see me naked!

    Hugs to ya Shell! ~~Connie


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