Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pick it Day! Sun/Gardening/Crafting and Finds!

I was trying to think of a way to sum up today,,it was a BUSY one! Busy OUTSIDE, because Ackkk! The Sun was finally Out! But, it was STill Chilly this morning. So, I worked on some "Stuff" for a while,,,,while waiting for Mother Nature to warm AND oh my Stars, Dry things up a little..........

I made a few more "Bird Pics" and some hanging ones as well,,,,and got to thinkin' -You wouldn't have to shove them into a plant/arrangement IF they had a Base.....Hmmm..

So after it warmed up a bit I headed down to Joyworks with TADA! A Bouquet of Lilacs from my Super OLD "Double Lilac" Tree........Sorry,,,,No pics, my camera went to sleep when I was trying to load them, but will take some tomorrow!!!!!

So, I took the "Bird Pics I made yesterday into the Store and decided they needed little "stand alone" Bases.....and we came up with these........

Jana and I decided it might be kind of fun to use spools of thread for the bases,,,,,,so they could stand alone! Love it!

If the spools were empty, I added some Seam Tape/Binding..........and glued a couple spools together.......

I think the "combo" is nice........ 

I raided MY old (ahem, by now Vintage) thread stash and found several old fun wooden thread spools,,,,,and I had a few left from my Mom's sewing stuff too........but I also hit one of the Antique Stores,,,down on 1st street and got an inexpensive Mason Jar full of these babies.........Took me all of 5 minutes......Park my car,,,One shop, NOPE! Stopped in next door at Victorian Village and got what I needed.......Headed for the Cash register,,,,,but WAIT! Look what I found........

"Pixie Puppets???"

FUN! Still in their packaging,,,,,,"a plethora of Pics"......Vintage, of course!

Bunnies, Santas, Witches, "Abe's", Monkeys/Clowns/Dogs, You name it! How fun are THESE????? They will be UBER fun to top Birthday hats and the likes...........Score BABY!

Pickin' Weeds, Makin' "Bird Pics, and scoring these Vintage Gems!.......What do YOU like best? Take "Your Pick~"

More Sun,,,,,I'm hoping, Crafting and Gardening tomorrow! Hope the start of your week is going well~~~

Hugs, Love and a "Cotton Pickin' Bus!"


  1. Shelly, I love everything you do and your wonderful spirit and talent is a joy to see. I always want to keep up with what you are doing now. Nancy Price

  2. I love the spun cotton pixie puppets never seen them packaged like that before.The abe and george are the best.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Look at those pixie puppets! I've never seen them before. Total score.

    Your crafts project is so uplifting and springy too. A real burst of sunshine in all this rain!



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