Friday, May 20, 2011

Washington State in "Overdrive",,,Cramming it all in and,,,,,Junkin'! Ackkk!

Okay,,,,,so I'm going to set the pace her for a minute, for those of you that DO NOT live in Washington State....well at LEAST not on the West Coast. We LIVE for SUN! We get kinda crazy when that yellow "Orb" show's itself, here in Western Washington.....And Truly? No more CRAZY than THIS year!
We've set RAIN records-this coming from one of the wettest places on the whole Planet to begin with!  (High five here to all my fellow residence that endured it!)

SO? We have had THREE days in a ROW of Sun,,,,,,,and trust me, we're all doin' the "Happy Dance."
And,,,,,okay, also? We get a bit goofy WHEN the sun comes out! Oh my,,,,I truly need to take pics of some of the character's that come out of the woodwork!

Today? Hit 70 or so....and we're all wearing Flip Flops, Hitting the Garden Centers, and Oh JOY, Oh Joy!
Can you EVEN STAND IT?  SHUT UP! Garage and Estate Sales!!! So WHERE was Shell today? Well, whever I could be, and thank you Lord that I didn't get a ticket or cause and accident for "pulling a "U eey" or braking for a SIGN! Some finds in a minute,,,,,,but I digress..........

Trisha's Great Dining Table for us "Swap Gals!" Gorgeous,,,,,,,,,

Last nite? One of the pretty night's I've seen in a long time,,,,,,I took part with my "Junkin' Buds" in one of our Swap Parties! Are you kidding me? Trisha Love, a friend of mine invited the Regular "Junk Swap" group out to Monroe,,,,,,,to one of the most GORGEOUS Nurseries and Gift Shops I've ever seen! Pine Creek Nursery is Worth a Journey from well, anywhere........And Our junk swap was a Blast........And well, "Shell's Camera died after the First Picture!!!!!" Sorry!  I'll try and Link to her pictures soon! But I think a Good time was had by ALL! And so the "Junkin," for me at least continued Today!

This morning, I hit the Sales EARLY.......Here is a QUICK and limited Sample of what I found, Too fun!
I scored BIG time,,,,,I'll show you a couple of other pieces soon.......

Vintage Ceiling Fixture,,,,I'm thinking I'll invert it and turn it into an Outdoor Chanelier..........

"Tassel and 'Pom*Pom' Maker'"s kits.........Well, you never know!
These Vintage kits were still in their packagings......Could be Fun!

Vintage Christmas Elves........almost Free! Too cute!

Free Vintage Tea Cups,,,,,,,,and some fun Vintage Pics........10 Cents for all of those!

I got a few other goodies as well......But when I was getting ready to post this, I got a call from my BFF, Laura. Her Sweet Dog, Bella Passed away today at 14. 

 I MET Laura, because of the infamous Bella,,,,,,who used to meander between Laura's home..... and her, then business,,,,,,,"The Belle Chapel." 

The Belle Chapel is the result of Laura's labor and love to preserve and restore an  old Methodist Church,,,,,a mere half block from my home. Restore it, she did,,,,,and it has served as a Venue for many events! She's since sold the Chapel, but it will always hold a Special place in my heart,,,,,,,,for SO many reasons! That would be a post ALL of it's own,,,,,,and then some!

Hugs to Laura,,,,,,,,,,,I KNOW there is a "doggie" heaven! And "Bella Dog"-smart, proprieter that SHE is, will be right there on the Steps to welcome us ALL! I'll miss you sweet dog!"Thanks for being a BIG part in helping to make YOUR best friend become Mine, too!

Hope you had a GREAT week,,,,,,,and IF you are LOCAL be sure and some see us tomorrow on 1st Street......for the 3rd Annual Antiques Street Faire, that my Dear Friend Annie Started.........Ackkkkkkkk, It's going to be Fantabulous!

Joyworks will have a GREAT booth! Come down and See us all!......And I promise to "skip out" for a short time and take some pics of tomorrow's Event!  (Hi Clarice! If you're reading THIS, I promise to work extra hard if you let me slip out at some point, take some pictures and maybe spend a few Bucks!)

Hugs, Love and a "Junkin' Bus on the Cheek!


  1. You have way too much fun for one person, Shell ;-)

    That junk swap is a great idea and you are having an antique are too lucky! (You probably started it!) Some day I am coming to Snohomish but first I need to learn how to pronounce it so I don't embarrass myself!!!


  2. Good Morning, Shell,
    I wish I lived close enough to go junkin' with you. We'd have a blast!

    Happy Saturday ~Natalie

  3. Shell you make me smile. I always enjoy your tales of finding bargains. I think you are the Queen of Finds. lol
    So missed you and your lovely site. I have a lot of catching up to do with you because I am so far behind with coming over.
    I truly love you it is just me. I can't get back on track with blogging or anything here lately. It is not a good feeling.
    Anyway just wanted you to know I love you and glad you are still out there having fun.
    Three days of sunshine so wish you could send some of your rain to Texas.
    Love ya


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