Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holly Kitty's New Digs,,,,,,and Spring Cleaning!

Holly in a Box...........

This was kind of like I felt yesterday............I stayed on the couch,,,,,in my "jammies" to an embarrasing hour, when I decided I should throw some "real Clothes" on ,,,,,just in Case!

Two Shows a week apart, custom orders, "junk" trips, gardening, Spring cleaning/Gardening- I KNOW it all sounds like FUN,,,,,,but a lot of it was hard work,,,,,and so I stayed home for, a day, on the couch, with a book on my "Kindle".......I was so engrossed, I didn't even call Lulu! (Bad Friend!)

Catching "UP" on some packages/orders/ and items for a couple stores today! IF I owe you a package or a Custom order, ,,,,it'll go out soon! I promise!  I have Not committed to any shows until the Fall. I'll be doing a couple of Classes this summer.....but the Kids AND adults will be doing the Crafting~! More details on that soon,,,,,working on the Venue(s)! Excited to  be planning them,,,,at a local Venue, with my Artist Friend Jodi....... IF  you are local, and you'd like to attend or have any class preferences, let me know! We're going to do Adult AND Kid's classes!

Hope you're all well, whether your curled up in a "box," reading, crafting, gardening, OR if you're in a Flood or Tornado zone,,,,,,Just staying SAFE!

Hugs, Love and a Bus!


  1. Ya gotta come to Minneapolis and teach a class, Shell! Oh, how I would love that!!! I am all for jama days. I always buy ones that I could answer the door in and not be embarrassed. Target Nick and Nora! Thanks for stopping by my blog...you are such a fun and sweet friend!

  2. You have been just as busy as I have been! I am so tired that I can't see straight! I leave for Texas a week from today (I wish you were coming!) and I have GOT to get some rest before. The "cement floor dog kennel" has been in use but it closes today. Thank you Baby Jesus!

    Love you Girlie! PIECES!


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