Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Eye Eye Eye Eye"......and Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Hey, My Spanish is BAD, but the first part of the Header fit the day. I woke in the middle of the night feeling like someone stuck sand in my right eye.....OUCH! And it still hurts like the dickens,,,,if not better by tomorrow I'll head to the Eye Clinic.......But I thought "Eye, Eye, Eye, Eye" was as good opening to a "Cinco Song as well......You fill in the blanks!.....

My livingroom currently looks like Mexican Bandits shot up the place,,,,in either a celebratory fashion or in dismay at the amount of Cra** Shell has once again hauled upstairs from the Studio. It all STARTED innocently enough.. a "little project" while watching....whatever. Ellen, Oprah, Glee, Idol...and then, maybe you know the Drill,,,,,,you need a "Bit of This, a Bit of That" and as aforementioned, your livingroom is in utter Chaos!

I got a BIT sidetracked today when I went looking for more Ribbons! I stopped in Annie's on First and she took me into her backroom

But, I did get a few more Ribbon  rose necklaces done,,,,In spite of the Eye, the Bandits and the  livingroom Chaos,,,SO, all in all it was a GOOD day! And I'm only relatively sore from yesterdays' gardening Marathon in my yard, blink, ("ouch') it was productive!

Neutral's Ribbon Necklace........

Blues/Greens/ Neutral's Necklace

Pastels Ribbon Necklace.....

All of these will be available at either the 2nd Saturdayz Event on the 14th and/ or the Antique and Craft Faire on here on 1st Street on the 21st! Check my Sidebar for Details of both Events...........

Okay,,,,,I'm "out" -time for my dog "walkies"- I'm really trying to push myself to take them further and further all the time......I can say that I'm starting to feel the difference the long walks have had on my energy. Not to mention that they both love it!

Again, Happy "Cinco" and good night!!!

Hugs, Love, and a Salsa flavored Bus!

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  1. Shell, Thanks for the truly lovely note on my blog. Made me smile big!
    We cannot even say "Walk" or the dogs go bananas so we spell it. To bad, they do not get enough. I think I am going to try some waling myself, see how I do, now that I have a lube job in my knee. It would be good for all of us. Harvey has double his weight!

    Hope you wake up with a healthy eye. Eyes are scary;

    I am sending a hus and a licking doggie bus!



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