Friday, May 13, 2011

Second Saturdayz is going to be Awesome Tomorrow! Stop by!

Today, I set up my little space at Second Saturdayz, this month, here in SNOHOMISH! If you're relatively close, you simply MUST stop in! I think there are about 50 or so Vendors,,,many of which are here for the first time,,,, from Seattle or further South,,,,

The Vendors and Stuff is to Die For! Ackkkk!!  Now, because people were still setting up and because we're all in our "comfy clothes" and often,,,,,ahem,,,,, sans Makeup, you only get a peak at MY space. I'll try and run around tomorrow and take pics of some of the other AWESOME spaces and Vendors........

My space is tiny,,,,but at the Front door, Big fun! After you buy your ticket(s), I'm right there! I think maybe Deb put me there for a "Meet and Greet" -I  know a handfull or so locals! HA!
(Marla, my muse above sportin' a Vintage Chapeau....)

As mentioned, my space is TINY......Just a couple of tables as this was somewhat last minute for me.......90% Handcrafted stuff.....and it's ALL for sale,,,,well other than Marla and my Shoe Rack.........

Shoe Rack full of Vintage Papers.......

Little Bird Charms...........When I have time, I want to make more of these........

"Ribbon Earrings and Tons of old Vintage Jewelry Boxes.....with a Tin or two thrown in.......

Ribbon Pins and a few more Hair Clips.......Can you believe (well I Can) I got out tonite without taking a single picture of the Ribbon necklaces I'm selling! Ackkk!  Well, you can always get the idea from my previous post and Jana's Birthday necklace......Oh my stars! LOL One of my biggest items!

Ooh La la Box.......

Vintage Wallpaper Boxes........

Crystal "Tassels" fashioned with Italian Medal Flowers and leaves, a  Crystal and some ribbon........

As mentioned, I did NO antiques to speak of for this show. Only a handful of Vintage items as displays or additions.......Quite different from my last couple of shows and I feel like my Ego/Creative abilities are a lot more "out there." Fun and Scarey all at the same time! Especially since I did a lot of "Jewelry"-which is different than my normal "Whimsey's!"

Again, hope you can stop by, it's going to be a GREAT Show! Deb and Linda have done a fantastic Job, the re-vamped building looks GREAT!

Hugs, Love and a Nervous and excited "Bus!"

(Waves going out to Lisa of "A Thing for Roses" from Oregon that stopped in to say "Hi" and Melaine from My Sweet Savannah! )


  1. You "ooze" with talent girlie! Love all the things that you create...Have a great weekend!


  2. Oh, shoot. I just lost my post!!!
    I love that box. I can't stand it. If (by some rare chance) you don't sell it, would you sell it to me? I also love your bird charms and NEED wallpaper. I never see it around here anymore!
    I think you are going to do really, really well.
    Big Minnesota hugs and a bus of wild rice on the cheek!

  3. Wow, I so badly want to look through all those vintage paper rolls! What a cute place!

    I got my bobby blings in the mail today! They are so sweet, and I love how you wrapped them up :) I'll send payment out to you tomorrow!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Eye Candy Galore!



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