Monday, May 16, 2011

Funky Bird Pics.....and do you Ever?

So today? I was about to deliver a Fun flower pot? With a plant to my BF, Laura, for her Birthday? I'd found a great POT and fun little Nest at Joyworks for her, and I  figured I'd find a plant or Flower for her that she could keep either at home or in her office,,,,,,,and then, thought...."it needs a bird, too!" So,,,,,of COURSE, even though I had tons of laundry/household chores  and grocery shopping to do- I pulled out supplies to make a bird,,,,,,and well, one thing lead to another,,,,,,and another,,,,,,,,,

Do You EVER start with One intent,,,,,,,,and end up somewhere entirely different? My dishes are not done,,,,(in this old house there is NO dishwasher), my laundry isn't done,,and it still looks like the Fairies had a party in my livingroom!) ........... I DID get the grocery shopping done and put away....amidst the Chaos.......I need a House husband.....LOL! Okay, NOT! 

So,,,,,Here are my "Bird Pics." You could add them to anything you're inclined to..........

Here's part of the "Flock.".........

On a Springy/ adjustable wire.........You can add them to anything you'd like........

Both New and Vintage Materials.............

Another "Birds Eye View" of Several............

I made a "Base" for Display out of  the fun Teal Moss I bought on Saturday from the Gal's at Grandiflora! Too fun!

I'll have some of these at the Antique Market here in Saturday...Weather permitting! Say a Prayer, do a "anti-rain" dance that once again (the last two years have been Gorgeous) we have good weather!

Hugs, Love and a "Birdie" Bus!

(PS,,,,,,,as I've formerly mentioned, my BF Laura doesn't Blog,,,,,,she doesn't do crafts/art, we're different as night and day in many ways,,,,,,,but we both love animals, volunteer and promote our community, share our love of family......We support each other in spite of our differences.....and I couldn't love her more.)  Friends come in ALL shapes/sizes and circumstance,,,,,,,,,They're the BEST!  You, my blog friends, are too!)


  1. The birds are FAB! Lucky friend...God made all kinds of people and you are blessed to have good friends....Blessings, Tiffany

  2. These turned out beautifully! I like all the different paper patterns.

  3. House work is always there. Create when the inspiration hits is my motto! Looks to me like you had a very productive day. Good luck this weekend, I hope they all fly right out of your booth!

  4. Well, the flock seems to be growing and thriving! Just love those birds, Shell! You are one clever woman!!!
    Hugs and a peck on the cheek!


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