Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday's Antique Street Faire,,,Here in Snohomish

Well, we crossed our Fingers, and crossed our Toes,,,,and the threat of Rain made everyone hold their collective breath! It sprinkled a BIT in the morning,,,,BUT Rain or Shine,,,,,,Snohomish's (That IS pronounced "Snow" "Home" "ISH" for my friend Suz,,,,and the rest of you that may be curious).

The crowds were a bit lighter this year,,as the last Two year's offered almost record breaking Sun and heat....But we perservered........

Some Joyworks Photos...which although Jana had a more "Sunny Event" in mind offered a Wide variety of vintage and Antique goodies.......a few photos.....

Our theme was, "Put a Bird on it." But our Venues were very eclectic... a bit of this Fun,,,,,,a bit of THAT vintage....You name it......that's primarily because we ALL contributed items to the booth.......

Lots of My hand-crafted Bird Stuffs..........I did pretty well!
Some of Jana's fun artwork here too!

Dolls/baskets Crowns,,,,you name it!

Great Vintage Goodies!

Fantastic Italian Chandy.........
Gnomes and Mushrooms, too Cute!
Vintage Puzzles,,,,,,I SO loved these,,,,,and I think it must be somethin' from my Childhood.....I HAD to have one!........

A bit of This and a bit more of that........"Reinvented."

Just "Beachy." We really had and ecclectic booth this year.........IF it didn't sell,,,,,,,,because of the Rain......Check out Joyworks for some of the FUN, Vintage, Antique and Handmade items......

A few photos of the "Nest and Garden" Booth. My friends Kim and Tom's booth,,,,,,,,and her MOM - my darling Co-worker-Luanne, with Hubby Ron!.
Sat was Ron's Birthday!

(Ron, Left, Luanne,,,,,my dear Joyworks Co-worker, her Daughter Kim of "Nest and Garden" Fame,,,,and the awesome TOM....her hubbs!) I'm honored to call them Friends and glad to have them in my life!
Oh,,,,,and By the Way,,,,,Happy Cake Day Ron!

Kim's booth was Hopping! Lots of Spring and Garden goodies,,,,,,check out THIS Bathtub,,,,,you KNOW you want it! (Everyone else did too!) WTG Tom! Great Idea!

Too Stinkin' Cute......a Porcelain Aqua tub,,,,,,turned Shelf! Lovin' this!

Bed Spring Bonanza,,,,,,,"Nest and Garden"

There were TONS of other fun booths! I'm sorry I don't have more photos to share! If I see/ find other of my vendor or blogfriends photos/links,,,,I'll add or share soon!

Hope you ALL had a great weekend! I've got TWO busy weeks ahead, finishing up orders,,,,,working on some class schedules (Ackkkkkkk! More on THIS Soon!) and then heading off to Farm Chicks.....

Hugs, Love and a Busy and Creative Bus to all!

(PS........Suz,,,,,,,,if you read the WHOLE blog you'll learn how to pronounce Snohomish! LOVE YOU! And Lulu,,,,,I Will call tomorrow.......Where did my Morning GO???)


  1. Aha! Now I know. I can brag to all my friends about Snow-Home-Ish. They will all be impressed! Seriously it sounds like a wonderful place. I live in the center of the Twin Cities in a wonderful neighborhood that has been here for ages, Very much like a small town. I love that aspect of life.

    And I did read all of your blog ;-)

    Big hugs and a beachy bus on the cheek!

  2. I just discovered your beautiful blog thru LuLu Kellog, and I'm glad I did! Hubby and I just moved to WA, and we attended the Antiques and Craft Faire Saturday, and loved it! Your booth is amazing:) I am your newest follower!


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