Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a Glorious DAY! And "Oh My Aching Everything!"

So Today? Was one of those days that remind me why I live in this more often than NOT- Soggy Corner of the World!
How Gorgeous! But after today, because these days as of late seem to be rare.... I'm  frankly not sure WHAT is the most Sore........sorer (?) My Body from Pulling weeds, planting a few goodies OR my THUMB for twisting ribbons! I hurt ALL over,,,,,but it's a "GOOD hurt"!

This Morning, while I was waiting for it to warm up, I grabbed the latest "Where Women Create" and perused a few sections....(I should probably get up and grab it and let you know WHO wrote about "when you're not feeling creative, make something for YOURSELF.")  But frankly, as previously stated everything hurts right now,,,,Even the Pink highlights in my Hair! So,,,,,I'll get back to you on that.......

Anyway? If you read my Blog yesterday, I shared that I felt the "Creative Fairies" WERE in house....And I'm frankly, kind of on a roll, which is nice, But after skimming the WWC, I thought  "I NEVER make anything for me!" I either make it and sell it,,,,,or Give it away for an Event or, at times, on this Blog. So today, I decided to make something for me........I know, Shut Up, Right?

So here's the necklace I finished,,,,,In all my FAV colors right now.......It'll "work" with a lot of my clothes and HOPEFULLY "draw the eye" up around my face,,,,,,or at least neck instead of my Menopausal Middle! HA! I may add a few more embellishments,,,,or not. I kind of like it just like this.........

And heres a few pics of my Front Yard,,,,Not quite ready to show you guys the "whole ball of wax" ---Or in This Case, the whole balls of Compost,,,,,,,,,

My little Specimen Crabapple,,,,,,,getting ready to BURST forth!

Tuxie Kitty,,,,,and "Avid Gardener" -always there to lend a Paw!

One of my Fav Azaleas.....Showing it's Glory in spite of weeks,,,make that MONTHS of Rain......
 (If you care to note, I got the Window Boxes out front planted too today, but it'll take a while before they make a statement!)

Hope you had an AWESOME day,,,,,,I so (ouch) enjoyed MINE! It's about time for a soak.......okay, right after I take the dogs on a bazillion Block Walk! Ackkk!

Hugs, Love and a "Bloomin' Bus!"

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  1. Shell,
    You are a Worker Bee! I am so lazy compared to you! No wonder you are hurting! I think our middle-aged bodies were meant to sit on the couch and make things that's how I gained back the ten pounds I lost last fall!)
    Seriously Shell, I am glad you made something for you. I have that problem, too
    Take a soak and go lie on the couch for awhile, ok?
    Hugs and a lazy evening bus on the cheek,


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