Friday, May 6, 2011

"Friday Finds" and a Bit more Jewelry

Happy Friday all, I hope you are looking forward to a nice weekend, in spite of the Weather,,,,well at least here! I did start back into my Spring/Summer "Junking Mode" and found a few treasures.........AND today? In the Mail? I got our tickets for the Farm Chicks Dinner Gala! TADA!  A mere month away! That said, here's "my little  Junkin' Finds" - Not much,,,,,but I love 'em!

This fun little Chalkware Gal.......she's imperfect (aren't we all) but I loved her!
$5.00 Bucks!

This little Hairnet in Fushia.......How fun! And you KNOW I love the Color!
$3.00 Bucks!

And Finally,,,,,this little old "Lane" Wooden Jewelry Box...

It's really solid,,,,,,Maybe the Lane company gave these out when people bought a Hope Chest????
$5.00 Bucks.......

I'm sure those of you living in Sunnier Climates are hitting the Junk/Garage sales hard right about now and ....I hate you! Ha! No, really I don't but not much going on in the respect in the Pacific Northwest yet!

So,,my first "Finds" of the Season,,,,,,and I took the Jewelry box and stuffed it full of Clips, Pins and the likes for a display piece for Second Saturdayz.........

Clips and Pins...........

Switching thins up a bit with some Pins/Badges.......

Be Bold badge........
 (Already "carded" for sale and a bit hard to see,,,lights reflecting off the center)

"Brights Pin"
(again, already carded for sale, pin sits on the upper portion of card/tag)

"Gutsy" Badge/Pin
I love this one! Click on image to enlarge!

A few other pieces.........

Bright "Rounds" Necklace

Warm Toned Necklace......
I LOVE these colors on gals that can wear them!

Pinks, Black and Greys.......
Always love working with this Color way........

And finally a few more hairclips,,,,,aka "Bobby Blings."

I'm still selling these hair clips for $6.00 each.......
$1.00 of each purchase goes to the Red Cross.
Contact me if you'd like one!

So anyway, it sure (ahem) doesn't FEEL like May around here,,,nonetheless, it is! Usually I bring in Lilacs to Joyworks on Mothers' Day weekend,,,not going to happen this year! Too Cold and Wet! I could bring in a Pile of Moss and a handfull of Snails (ewwwwwww!) But I don't think it would have quite the same effect!

Have a GREAT weekend, Wet or Dry!

Hugs, Love and a "Butterfly Bus" on the Cheek!"
(Cuz you KNOW I need to get that whole Snail thingy out of your head!)


"Do what you love,,,,,,,Love what you do!


  1. Love it all Shell! Always cracks me up when I hear of NW natives buying moss...really? I have it growing and dropping from my roof! And glorious sheets of it on the vine maples in the woods! You make me smile, and laugh out loud, Thank you!!! Because I'm weary of being DAMP!
    xo ;)

  2. oh what fabulous finds.... i cant say no to millinery either

  3. Just visited your blog for the first time today. The necklaces and cake toppers you make are pretty!

  4. YOU are so lucky, finding that fabulous lady dressed in turquoise, a really hot color now. rest of the stuff looks great too!!! hugs JoAnn


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