Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's Pink, Ruffley and Fun? Jana's Cake Day Celebration today! And Stay tuned if you use "Frontier Communications for Service......Post Script

Hi ALL! I guess in a way, I'll start with my Post script first or PS First! I have had LOG in problems for several days,,,so if you're local and have had problems,,,,Stay Tuned! Meanwhile.....Jana's Birthday, or CAKE DAY celebration at Joyworks today! 
Kay's Gorgeous crafted Bag may set the tone BEST! We did a Ruffles and Pink Theme for Jana's Birthday celebration today at Joyworks! How CUTE is this BAG??????? Ackkkk!!!!!!!!

I came in during the "Set up!" Luanne (left) and Amy, Jana's sis tending to the setting (rt.) How Pretty!
Jana arrived after we'd all "fluffed "and stationed her gifts and flowers.......... And Jill made a wonderful, rich dessert....."White Chocolate" Bread Pudding from a Nordstrom Cafe recipe..........Here's the Birthday Girl....
Pink Donuts/ Fresh Fruit and Juice,,,,,,,,Life doesn't get much Sweeter!

Clarice, (Jana's Mom" ) and our Boss extrodinaire always does the BEST Flowers! She takes a BIT of 'this' and a bit of 'that' out of her Garden and creates, TRULY a floral designers dream! Here, a rose, azaleas, greenery from her yard, a Hellabore blossom........Too Pretty!

Several of our Co-worker's Chipped in and bought her this darling Purse! (Which she adorned with the "Rose" badge I'd stuck on her package...........And she's wearing the neclace I made her here, but I'm thinkin' the neckline is all wrong for it!

The above necklace came in this Craft paper bag that I embellished with Vintage Wallpapers/Ribbons and Tulle......I left the top of the wallpaper it could act as a "pocket" to hold her card! Feel FREE to use this idea if you need to create a Gift Bag...........Great for putting a Card/note in, I thought!

Here's a closeup of the "neutral" lace necklace I made for Jana,,,,,,definetely NOT the right neckline on her shirt for this,,,,,,but I HOPE in the long run, that the colors will suit her wardrobe!!!

Sandi gave Jana these Old fashioned Roses in a Darling White Pitcher..............I zoomed in on the Flowers! Too pretty and we all need some COLOR around here right now!

Sandi Girl in her "Pink and Ruffles."

Great Candlestick from Penny Girl,,,,,,,Adorned with French Ribbon, a Lovely scented Candle and flower........

We had a GREAT Birthday Brunch! Happy Birthday Jana! Thanks as usual, to Jill and (Jana's sis) Amy, for putting it all together!!!!

Now, before I sign off on this Post,,,,,,I spoke with a couple of Co-workers,,,,,who shall remain anonymous, BUT,,,,we talked about having Log In/Log ON problems as of late on the Internet. I've been TRYING to post/Log on for at LEAST 4 days.....and it has been a nightmare! So? I called the Local Landline Server---Frontier tonight. IF you have had problems,,,,,You need to call them. At the VERY least, they should credit our appears "they"-Frontier, have been having issues! So, let them know so they credit you!

I had other images/subjects I WOULD have posted in the last 3 days, so,,,,,,hopefully, they are working out their KINKS! Ackkk! What a pain in the backside! More tomorrow on Second Saturdayz Show,,,,,,,etc!

Hugs, Love, and a Deep breath because I need to consider it is Corporations and NOT the individuals I've spoken with that MAYBE, themselves need a "Bus" or Hugs!"



  1. Thank you for a wonderful pink fluffy Birthday Party!
    It was great fun and I loved all my great gifts!

  2. Shell- you are so killing me with these birthday party posts! Another fabulous party for your lucky girlfriends! This one was a beauty - love the pink and ruffles theme- and that great necklace you made for her. She looked beautiful wearing your creation!!
    I sure do wish I lived closer- I would love for you to give me a party!


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