Saturday, May 14, 2011

Second Saturdayz Snohomish Visit.......Friends/Finds and Fantastic Vendors

It was SO FUN to have all the Seattle Vendors for Second Saturdayz visit us here in Snohomish Today! Tons of new Vendors/Great Stuff to be had in the newly remodeled Building on 2nd Street! Oh Shoot, I should have taken some pics of the OUTSIDE of the Venue,,,,,,But here's the Entry.....Deb and Linda's Cute Vignettes........Stop it!  do You want it ALL???????

Entrance to the Event............

Joyworks contributed this Cute Mannie and Signage!............(Do I work with the most creative women on the planet, OR WHAT?)

Lots of FUN THINGS at this Venue and the prices were Gggggggggreeeeeat! Oh yeah, that's a TIGER not a Bear! ......But how cute is THIS????

Bear on a Bike..............

My friend Jodi all "Shiney" and ready at the crack of Dawn! How cute is SHE? And look at her goodies............

More of her Artwork and booth! She'll be on hand NEXT weekend at the Antique Street Fair Gig here in Snohomish!!! (I'll post all the info soon!But mark your Calendar for NEXT Saturday, here in Snohomish!)

Kim and Tom,,,,,Okay? How cute are THEY? Here, in their "Nest and Garden" Booth extrodinaire........
(Kim and I shared a booth back in Feb. at the "Ruffles and Rust" Event.....Too fun! )They'll have a booth also NEXT weekend at Annie's Street Market!

More of Linda (Luluz) and Deb's (Garden Party) great Stuff!

Okay,,,,,,,,,Shut UP! Some of Deb's Cute Flower "Vases!" $10 Bucks! Stop it!!!! Too cute,,,,,(She sent me home with one tonight and my whole house smells divine!!!) She's the BEST!

My Friend Debi Burton,,,,,of "Ormolulu Fame." Her Spaces and products are always "Top of the Line!" And,,,,,,although she's a friend, I also hate her, because she ALWAYS takes the BEST Photos! Ackkk!
Pretty Lady! I hope you did well today!! You ROCK!

Fun altered Garden Umbrella........I LOVE THIS!

On to my some of my Fav's.............

Grandiflora  (from Lynden)  had the "Best in Show" in my humble opinion.......I loved, LOVED, LOVED the colors! I don't know, maybe it's because I too have felt "Sun deprived" But I am SO all over their LOOK!
A bit "Granny Chic" a bit of Whimsey, a bit of Flora, fantastic Photo Images ,,,,,Toss in the Vintage touches and Voila'! Grandiflora!
They ROCK!!

Are you Kidding ME? Okay, SO? If this little Vignette is NOT a "Flea Market Finds" or Romantic Country Cover,,,,I simply don't know what IS! Too  Stinkin' cute!

Someone said, " I belonged in the Grandiflora Booth" because of my colors.....I can't say there is a place I'd rather BE! (Me and Trish..........happy to be here!)

And Last here,,,,,,but certainly NOT least...My wonderful Friend Deb Bock of Garden Party and Second Saturdayz Fame.....My Former Co-worker/promoter/florist/wedding planner and one of the "Bestest People" you could ever meet! Shown here, with my friend Tamara, who is, "Wonder Woman!" She's got a Van load and THEN some of kids, juggles her fantastic Antique and Junk booths as well as creating some of the BEST simple and innovative pieces! (I'm still thinkin' about THAT cute little yellow table!)

I had a BALL these last two days, meeting and getting to know some of the Vendors for this event! Deb's partner in this Venue, Linda........and her darling dog.  What a lovely group of Vendors.........If you are listening,,,,,,,or read this, I So enjoyed meeting you all!

And,,,,as a LONG time Snohomish Gal? I have to say "Thank you" to All the Shoppers and friends that turned out! Wowza! I know I was "out front" and a lot of people thought I was either the "Ticket Police" or the "Info lady"  LOL But I LOVED welcoming All the shoppers to this fun and exclusive event! I had fun talking with our Mayor, Karen, our City Planner, Deb,  and numerous others that were just plain curious about the Event,,,,,,and Venue! Thanks to my BFF ,Laura who helped make it ALL happen and Scott the building ownera, his cute Mom whom also stopped by to take a peak! (She told me I could call her Mom or Grandma.....I may take her up on THAT!)

Okay,,,,I'm dog tired, as I'm sure Many of you ARE or will be after this fun event!

Hugs/Love/Prayers and a Bus go out to all of you tonite!

(PS.......I Simply cannot close this post without sending out Prayers and Strength requests for my Friend Jodene, suffering from Lymphoma...Her dear Husband Tom and all the family and co-workers at "Tom Walker's Hair Salon. I Simply LOVE you ALL,,,,,,you are my "extended family" I hurt, because you all hurt! )


  1. Dear Shell,
    You are quick on the blog, that's for sure!!! Thank you sooo much for everything, your always charming and sooo sweet paper and whimsey goodness...;) And my beautiful necklace gift! So many compliments all day! I am in the "barely moving stage", but loved having our market in our town! Hoping to pull this off again!
    Sleep tight neighbor,

  2. Hey Shell, looks like a great show. Some fab pictures too. Sure wish I lived closer!
    hugs Lynn

  3. EEEEEEEEEK! So much eye candy! Have you lost weight??? You look skinnier!!! I loved the outfit you had on!


  4. OH SHELL!!! My heavenly stars you are quick on the draw with blogging those snaps...and you are right...Deb always looks fab in those photos!!! ;) You and me babe...stick together on the cheezy but totally happy "look" ;D hee hee hee!!! Thanks for the wonderful "best in show award" you are the best! As always it was a real pleasure to hang out with all you sweetie pies for a few great days in Snoho! Loved it, and thanks again for all your kind words...they mean more to me than you could ever know!
    Trish :)

  5. Where DO you get the energy for all this, Shell?! Thanks for the sweet "hate mail" . . . love YOU too!!! Believe it was moi who tagged you for a photo in Grandiflora's GRAND booth . . . a match made in heaven, eh?! Gotta love those girls (still awaiting my *adoption*, Trish!)!! ;oD

    Think I'm gonna throw you off track and just throw some junk on a table next time (yeah, right!!!!). xo D.

  6. Shell,
    This looks wonderful. I want to live in Snohomish but I don't know how to pronounce it so I can' it like Snow-ho-mish so Snow-mish? It is about the cutest little crafty town and very hip...kind of like Little Portland, in my imagination. Woo-hoo. What a fair,for a start, I want one of those flower vases with beautiful flowers and then I am moving there and finding myself a little Mary Engelbreit cottage. I think she must "summer" there, huh?
    Sending a hug and a sunny little bus on the cheek,
    Suz from St. Paul

  7. What a wonderful post... I love all the great pictures you took... I sure wish there was more time in my life. Seem so many things to do all the time. I so want to make it to one of your events in Snohomish!!!!

  8. so cute, thank you my dear!

  9. Aw Shelly,
    So glad you posted a picture of you and Deb. She has not changed one bit in 30 plus years. You are a lucky girl to have such a wonderful friend. So neat you got us back in touch.
    Give her a big hug for me.
    Shelley :)


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