Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garden "Zen" and Ribbons..........

Most Everyone is familiar with the term, "Runner's High." I've actually experienced it, but it's been,,,,,,Ahem, several decades. It's this Euphoric state when all the Neurons and adrenaline take "flight", if you will, and you get this rush of  Endorphins.......... and life never felt better!

But, you know? I think this happens to Gardener's too! You're "One with a plant/flower/tree," feeling the accomplishment of pulling a weed, planting a fledgling seed, or simply, smelling the earth.

My lovely old "Double" Lilac Tree,,,,,,about 90 years old.......

I shed a few tears tonight....Wowza. I ache all over, I broke a blood vessel on my knuckle when my finger connected with two planters., I pinched the pad below my index finger with the shears and it bled on some of the Lilac's I cut today,,,,,,,,But I found a JOY and peace working in my yard today, I have not had in the last couple of years. ...Today, was Euphoric.......emotional and wonderful!

Promise of Sun,,,,,,Some New babies.......

I've MISSED this! After my mom died,  a couple of years ago, I  got "help" for the yard. I had Mowers and dear friends that were professional Gardener's and Landscapers......I was just  too overwhelmed to get "out there!"

So NOW? I'm doing it all myself,,,okay a little help from the neighbor boy on keeping up the FRONT lawn.....How did I Not do it? How did I not plant/weed/dig/mulch/water?

The last two days,,,I'm sure ALL of us Washingtonian's treasured. We've had not ONE, but TWO days to work in the yard. And, I feel like a piece of me has come BACK. I'm planting/weeding/creating "comfort" zones" once again in my yard..........I've got my Garden "Zen Back.!"

More old/Heirloom Lilacs........

There aren't enough Counselor's Psychiatrist's, or Grief Counselor's to put this feeling of Well Being in place!
But, I guess, you need to be ready...........And thank you Lord! This is the best therapy I've had in a long time!  I hope YOU find solace/peace/ creativity and growth in your OWN Gardening!!!

I had a major "Ribbon Score" today also. Not under the best circumstances.......So, I'll have to donate products/crafts/ whatever to a Charity or two......Great Stock for ME.......But hearts were broken, businesses dissolved........Truly, I'll do something for other's as a result of my Windfall.........

 Vintage, Wired and Fabric Ribbons.........a "Score," and yet not.........I'll share the proceeds from these.............

Enjoy the rest of your week! Tomorrow, I'll hit the Garden again,, and " Garden SWAP Party with friends tomorrow night!!! Too fun~ a "Girls Nite" with a Garden Swap theme!"

Hugs love and a "Mossy Bus"-because we've had SO much Rain this year!

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  1. Those lilacs are simply gorgeous and I'm glad you had such fun in your yard. Hugs!


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