Friday, April 29, 2011

"You Hit my Car?,,,,Here, have a Cupcake!"

So,,,,,,Finally, Today?  I  got to take a box of Hats/Flags/Wands and little cupcake pis I'd made to New York Cupcakes in Bell/Red (Crossroads).  If you aren't local, the "Crossroads" part, stands for Bellevue,Redmond. WA.  Home base for Microsoft and a Myriad of  other successful Tech industries, etc.

Lisa has a Fantastic cupcake business, which she established several years ago. She only uses the BEST in her Cupcakes...... Fortunately, for me, and Joyworks,,,,she's bought a lot of  Cupcake related  and birthday decor over the last couple of years, that adorn her shop. Specialty lights, linens, cake plates and fun canisters and other ceramics from Joyworks,,,Oh yeah, and I'm proud and honored to say,,,, she has also purchased several of my hand crafted paper goods! And as of late, has many more of my Hats/Flags and custom cupcake pics!  Her products and shop are "TOP of the Line," so I'm very honored to have a presence there! Thanks Lisa, for the honor...........I cannot think of a place I'd rather be represented.........

And right next store? Is Common Folk.  it is too Yummy! I met Kathryn today, and she is a Dear.....We talked about local Artists and Events. . . I really enjoyed getting to know her!

So- I'll skip the Stop at "Packaging Specialties" where WHAT? I got out of there with "Nuttin,"......

 and I stared heading home, down the backroads,,,,,,and looking for an Antique Stop my friend "Kell Bell" and I USED to make.......Only NOW? The whole "mini" strip Mall is full of Winery tastings and a Cafe.......And,,,,,,,,,BOOM! Some guy backed out of a parking strip really fast and Hit the front left portion of my car!

Okay, so, I haven't been involved in an accident for YEARS.......Okay, DECADES! And he was young, (hey, anything under 40 is young for ME these days) and SO concerned.........."His Fault" he said. Well, Duh? So, we exchanged all the info ( he works for 3M)  needed and he was still SO shook up,,,,,,,,So, What did Shell do?
I brought the "6 pack" of Cuppycakes I'd purchased at "New York" and offered him one............Okay,,,he was Cute and concerned and What is a Mom to Do?

There were a lot of other interesting "happenings" today.........Like my French neighbor asking ME if I knew a good, I am "fresh out" but not oppossed...........or the Wedding topper I'm currently working on.........or the Fun  and gracious gal, TRULY at Progressive Insurance that handled my Claim today..........

Oh, my Stars,,,,,,I LOVE this image and Colors.........

And Finally,,,,,,on my way home after ALL the Car Mayhem and info,,,,,I found a GREAT Vintage Wallpaper book.....Do you LOVE these images?  Too fun!

Have a GREAT Weekend! I'm looking forward to a BUSY weekend at Joyworks........At LAST,,,,,,the Sun is supposed to peek through all our clouds and soggy "bottoms here!"

Hugs Love and a "Cupcakey" Bus!


  1. First...glad you are OK
    Second...yummy wallpaper book that you shared your cupcakes
    Fourth...I adore your posts!

  2. that book is the bomb.. so sorry about your car... you are a good sport though giving him cupcakes!!!

  3. Whew! So glad everything turned out all right. Shell, those wallpaper book images are about the cutest things I have ever soon. Just LOVE them to pieces!


  4. See? Look on the bright side...cupcakes, sweet wallpaper find, good conversation, all the makings for a great post for us! Most importantly, you are in the upright position and good to go! Have a less exciting weekend... ;)

  5. Oh I am SO happy you are okay!! I LOVE New York cupcakes!! The White chocolate and vanilla bean frostings I could eat with a spoon!! So you get EXTRA good points for sharing one with the guy that hit you!

  6. Sorry about the car..and only you would offer funny. I want to thank you for my May Day Bouquet..I know it was you and I love it.. I still have last years hanging in my office.


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