Friday, April 1, 2011

Rain, Rain,,,,,Please Go Away.......Latest Projects and Community.......

First of all, I am SO sick and TIRED of all our Rain! (My Credo is that you can ONLY complain about it in Washington IF you are a Native.......if you're a transplant, deal with IT!)

Yeah, I KNOW Shell is generally upbeat.....and I AM, about a lot of things.......New Projects, Custom and General producs! Too fun!

More Birthday Hats:
Celebrate Hat

Not quite finished yet,,,,,,working on some Custom Boxes for a Friend.........

Too Fun! Vintage Paper, Vintage Pooch,,,,,,,,and a bit of "this and that." Tweaking a tad more,,,,,and making another in the Set........

Have a Healthy, Save, Productive weekend, whatever you do...........
Hugs, Love and a Glitter Covered Bus!


  1. What wonderful hats! Got to admit that poodle is adorable too. Hope you get some sun soon. We had at least 2 - 3 weeks of rain (and a tornado warning!) here in the SF bay area followed by this last week of record breaking heat. Crazy weather!

    Sharon :-)

  2. We're right here with ya in Bucks County. Yesterday we actually got SNOW!! Today looks clear so I gotta get out while I can. Knowing this weather, tomorrow will be lightening, hail, and frogs falling from the sky.


  3. Love the hats and boxes! Very pretty. And it isn't raining here LOL

  4. The hats are adorable and so fun. We've had two sunny days here and I am so loving the good weather. Hope it comes to you soon!

  5. Oh, Shell,
    So cute! I love all you do. I got my wonderful package yesterday and I am going to send a real thank you...and put up some bloggy pics! I just LOVED it ALL.

    I get it about the rain. I am whining about the tired of it.

    Love and thankful busses on the cheek!!!

  6. jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezo peeeezo those are too darned cute!! shut upppppppppppppppppp!!! I love them!!!


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