Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Bonnet Contest and Login Problems Yesterday!

Ackk! I tried to post yesterday afternoon, pictures of the Bonnet Contest following the Parade here in Snohomish,  on Saturday,,,,But my Internet would NOT boot up.......So, here's a few pics of our Saturday,,,,,,,,,The weather was AWESOME....and I think everyone had fun! Again, I LOVE living in a Small Town!!!!!!!! You just don't get this in a BIG City!

Kelly and Brenna,,,,,,,,take prizes in Adult AND Baby!

Ruby took a CLOSE Second,,,,,,,but was exhausted after all the Paparazzi!

My "Fur Baby Friend." Stanley,,,,,,,and his "MOM" Gail win first prize for the Animal Group almost every year! This year was tough though,,,,,Stanley's been having Seizures,,,,,,,and I mean BIG ONES! Gail and Schultz held their collective breaths,,,,,,,and not only did Stanley attend,,,,he WON first prize!!!!!!!!

In the past, we've had Bunnies, Kitties, and even a Llama or two,,,,,,,,this was the first year for Calfs! Too Cute!

4-7 year olds,,,,,,,,,,Too Cute!

Oh My Stars,,,,,,,,,,the 8-12 year old Group was HUGE!!! They all did Such a Nice Job on their Bonnets! It was Tough for the Judges!!!!
There were like 32 Girls,,,,,and Robert took 1st prize with his Bonnet that had a Spinning Top piece!
More of the 8-12's...........Great Creations!
The Teens.....Small Group, but their Creations were Fantastic!
LOL,,,,Two of My friend Marcie's Boys,,,,Good sports and they SCORED- some great prizes as the number of Teens were Small.........
Not just "Kid Stuff!" Some of these Contestant's are Veterans in this Contest........Airplane Rides, Spa Days, Gourmet Meals.....Are you kidding ME? Get your Creativity ON Gals (and Guys)! We had Two men in the Contest,,,,,,I think they BOTH got some great prizes!
Adult Contestants..........Too cute!

Again, I just have to stop here and say a BIG THANK YOU to ALL the Merchants! I KNOW not many read my blog,,,,,,but without all the Small businesses that step up to the plate every year,,,,,this event would be nothing! Thank you!

I hope you all had a GREAT Easter! I spent my morning with "My Boys"-Sean and Andrew, and my Mom's BFF, Helen....She's 90 somethin' and cute as a Pistol! I treated the gang to a Fantastic Brunch at the Cabbage Patch....Andy is fighting with a Nasty respitory Bug and has Midterms at WWU this week. My Dear Friend Laura, my Co-Chair for the Parade is fighting "it" ...or something similar, too!

Stay healthy, have a GREAT week....I'm just excited to catch up on some orders (Dani and Lisa), some packages (Lulu)  and my Contest Winners,,,,,,and hoping for another GLIMPSE or two at the Sun!

Hugs, Love and unfortunately, STILL a bit of a Soggy "Bus!"


  1. Oh too cute for words!! Now I am craving a Cabbage Patch dessert!!

  2. Hooray, Shell!
    That looks like a blast. Small town is terrific! How about Mitchell, South Dakota, the Corn Palace city. That is where I grew up! Crazy fun! You did a great job. This turned out so well.
    Big hugs and a sunny Minnesota bus on the cheek!

  3. Stanley is SOOOO cute!! Love it all! Looks like everyone had a blast!

  4. What fun all the great creations! I would have loved to see that in person. My first visit here, I am now your newest follower! oxox, Diane


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