Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cupcakes and Antiques!

Today, again, was a bit of THIS and a bit of THAT! A bit of Creating,,,,,,,Little Cupcake Picks,,,,,,, a bit of stocking up on Supplies,,,,,,,,which involved heading to one of OUR local craft Stores, Ben Franklin. It's a hit and miss there. Sometimes they have some Great new items,,,and their Frame Shop is Awesome! I saw my friend, artist, Jody Cain,  (latitudejcain.blogspot.com) while I was there, She's not a big Blogger, but her Artwork is GREAT!  And if you go to her blog, it'll link you to her Etsy Site Too! Check it out! We've been talking about doing a few local Classes Together.......

I was primarily picking up papers at the Craft Store, for some Cupcake Picks,,,,,,,,,
( I'll post more about THE Cupcake Shop when I get a few more Goodies done! Really excited about this Venue! for my Craft Stuff!)

And, ohh yeah and I added Minute amounts of Glitter to all of these images below, prior to their packaging,,,,,,an "eye" here, a "dot" there,,,,,,
Crown Picks..........

Flowers and Butterflies.............

Bird Picks


Nothing Fancy, Just some fun goodies to put in Cupcakes!

Other "Cupcake Stuff" in the works.........Which I'll share at a later date!

I also stopped in (Shhhhhhhh! This is TOP SECRET), because It's my Favorite Antique Store and their "finds," prices and Variety is A-Mazing) But DON'T TELL  ANYONE,  because I find some of my "Favorite Things" there! Oh Shoot,,,,,,,I just told some 200+ People........M&M Antiques in Monroe, is TO DIE FOR!

Okay, and my Friend Deb Bock's  Brand Spankin' New Booth at M&M?,,,,,,Too Stinkin' Cute!  I told Melanie, the owner of M&M,,,"Don't Tell Me!" "I'll Find it!" But, She was too excited to have Deb there,,,,,,and HAD to show me just WHERE it Was!

Well, it had "Deb" written all over it! I'll tell you, that Gal has an "EYE!" It just made me smile, and made me Happy! I wanted it ALL!

On My Next Visit to Monroe? I'm  SO Bringing my Camera! You will simply LOVE this Shop and all the great Vendors!

(Tomorrow, I've got Chamber "duties".....the Easter Parade is mere days away now!  (April 23rd) It seemed like we had TONS of time, since Easter falls so late this year! But I've got a "Bonnet Class" on Friday.....and a whole BUNCH of prizes to collect (Vendor's willing) in the next couple of weeks!

Stay Warm, Dry, Healthy and Sane........I just KNOW Sunshine and Better Days are ahead!!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus" covered in Sprinkles!


  1. Shell,
    Those cupcakes picks are "Simply Fantastic"! They are a breath of fresh air and I simply love them. They look like Spring...though not in Minnesota.
    The cake topper and Yard Egg (embellished Yard Egg, that is) are so happy here! (I just have to call it a Yard Egg because I think Yard Eggs are pretty funny and you made it into something lovely). i think you are so talented and you are also so darn funny, I could laugh right now just reading your blog.
    So there.

    A Hug and Sunshiney bus on the cheek!

  2. My goodness you've been a busy gal! darling picks.
    Also read about your fire, WOW first a flood now a fire, Whats next? glad everything is o.k.!
    did you ever get my little pkg? I hope I sent it to the right address this time.
    hugs Lynn

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