Friday, April 15, 2011

Winners, Winners and Giving Community Thanks!

I hope you all had a good week, wherever you are and Whatever the Weather! Geesh, Rain/Snow, Tornadoes,,,,,Is it REALLY April????

Here are the Winners of my Little Giveaway! Thanks for All of you that took part and your sweet Comments! I wish I had the TIME to make something for each and every one of you,,,,,,But if you tune in often enough the odds are you your favor!

5 prizes, so scroll through...

***Winner of a Custom "Spring Dreams" Box-Jody of Home and Heart!***
(Send me the Colors you'd like and I'll do my best to make one just for you. I think I have your snail mail,,but you'd best email it to me again!)

4-Mini Flag Winners........

Donna of Brynwood Needleworks
Carol of Firecracker Kid
Maggie of Just Between Me and You
and Amy of Cottage Prisms
(Again, Send me your Color Choices,,,,and I'll do my best to make one just for YOU!  And do you want, "Make a Wish or Dream? or Happy Birthday?" (The Primative Girls should be a BIT of a Challenge,,,,but I'm always up for that!
Send me your Snail mail addy's to:

(Jody's name/number actually came up a second time in the Random Number Generator for a Mini-Flag......What are the odds....okay, they were like 1 in 61,,,,but STILL!)

Again, Thanks to all that Entered! I had a VERY "Thankful" Day. Today, I picked up a lot of the prizes/certificates for the Easter Bonnet Event NEXT Saturday! Again, I have to say, I live in a GREAT little town! Every year, I "sweat it"-getting enough prizes for the kids, primarily, but ALL the participants. The Entries increase,,,,and the sponsor's cut back. Very few Corporate sponsors,,,,it's the locals, God Bless them, that make it exciting and fun!

I'm sure we're going to be "Hoppin'" once again at Joyworks this weekend! If you're local, stop by.

 And IF YOUR a LOCAL gal and reading this, I could use some  More Help Wed. and Thursday Evening this next week putting prizes together for the Parade! Call me/Email me or Stop by Joyworks if you want info on helping!

Have a GREAT weekend!
Hugs, Love and a Big ol' Bus!


  1. YIPPEE SKIPPY for all the winners! You know if I lived closer I would be right there helping you!


  2. Congrats to those lucky winners! I found the Joyworks blog. It looks like a wonderful place and looks like you have a blast working there. look so good!!!

    Hi LuLu!

  3. Oh thank You! Emailing you now.Warm Blissings!~Amy

  4. Congrats to the winners! I see lots of familiar names and I'm so happy they won! enjoy your weekend! ♥

  5. Hey there, I have been out collecting moss too. Unfortunately a few stinging nettles in the process! Looks like you are busier than ever. I think the longer days are helping with the energy level. And a few tulips help too. Have a great weekend.

  6. Hi Shell!
    So excited to have won one of your gorgeous creations! I'll send you an email now with my information. Bloggers really are so fortunate to have each other's friendships. Blogland is such a wonderful place.
    Thank you for offering your work for others to win. I really appreciate winning.

  7. Good morning Shell honey
    I was so excited to see my name on your list of winners.
    Your one of a kind for doing this and we all love you dearly.
    I will send you an email soon honey and let you know about my flag
    Love ya

  8. I won????!!!! ME??????????????? YIPPEE!!! Thank you Shelley!! I am SO doing the happy dance! Well as much as this ol' back will let me!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I will pm you. I had to laugh because I think blogging is the only place we want our "Number to come up" !! Once, let alone twice!! I am VERY happy with my one number, and congrats to the other 4 winners!!

  9. A huge congrats to all the winners - ( lucky lucky lucky!) they are going to love your creations!


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