Friday, November 16, 2012

Today,,,,I'm thankful for JUNKERS!!

It's a disease, really,,,,,,you get addicted! It's in your blood and you just can't Stop!! My Favorite Addiction-Junkin!

If you're a "Junker" you KNOW you are a Junker!! You're the one who travels the Country side for Estate sales, Yard Sales, Antique Stores, Shows and oh yeah, Goodwill, Salvation Army and Thrift Stores Galore. YOU are the one that already has a car of Stuff from a Show, or just "did" a Show yourself, you see the sign, the store,,,,the Junk on the Curb marked "Free" and you slam on your brakes,,,,or do a "U Turn" in the middle of the Road. (Love you Deb, but your driving cracks me up when we are on a "Junk Mission!!")

If you're a Junker, you find little bits and pieces that all come together on a project or two! You swap with a friend- wallpaper for Vases, a Shelf for some lace......

If you are a Junker, friends "Find Things" for you,,,,,,that look like something you could use or like (Like the Chapel my friend Gail found for me and I re-did) And you find things for Friends!!! I don't "do Blue" but have Junker friends like my friend Tamara that DO......,

If you are a Junker you get bags and boxes on your Porch, at your workplace or on a "Junker Date!"

These hat boxes, a Garage sale gift from a neighbor,,,,,the hard to see Wallpaper Chain made with Vintage wallpaper from my friend Lulu,,,,,the little themed Christmas box, made from a porcelain doll gifted to me by my dear Deb Bock.........

I love ALL my friends, Junker's or NOT, but thank a Junker next time you go to a Show, a Sale, or you get a special Package!! They/we work hard to find those little somethin' somethin's!! And a BIG thank you, for all my Junker friends that find and share things with me!!

Hugs, Love and a "Junker's Bus!!


  1. Hi Shell!
    Im' Mila from Italy and I partecipate to the wondferul Vicki's "Grow your blog" event!
    Love your art :)!
    Mila :)

  2. I used to be a Junker but unfortunately can no longer get out and about. I miss it. love your post my dear! xx

  3. Fellow thrifter here!

    Popped in from Pink Saturday.

  4. what's a u turn or quick corner or two between you! : )

  5. Yes, I'm a junker too. I keep on buying even though there isn't any room. My family brings me things all the time they think I would like and I still have the addiction to look for more. lol. take care, Darlene


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