Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3 of Gratitude-Joyworks, my JOY, my Job

(Cute Sweater Candle "Cozies" by the Talented Jana at Joyworks)

I am grateful that I work at the Best Place on Earth!  Right here in little Snohomish, Wa. Well, that is if  you love fabulous things, creativity, wonderful co-workers and great Customers!

I only work 2 days a week for the most part at Joyworks, but each Week is filled with new surprises, new merchandise, displays, ideas. And I have the Joy of seeing Regular customers coimng in to see what is NEW,,,,and NEW customers experiencing Joyworks for the first time! We may be located in a little Historic town in the middle of "Nowhere," But trust me when I say We/Joyworks are a destination!

One of the things I love the most about working at Joyworks is the "mix." The mix of Employees with different personalities, talents/strengths AND weaknesses that just works!! We are blessed!!

We have our Holiday Open House next Friday, I hope you'll Stop in!! (I'll post info on my Sidebar!)

Hope you are having a great weekend and I hope you take some time to count your Blessings this month!!

Hugs, Love, and a "Joyful" Bus!!

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