Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4 of Gratitude,,,,,,My little Cottage

I am SO blessed to have my Cute little Home! I love all it's "Old Bones," History and Character!

(No, not THIS one! But this was fun to Make!) 

Nor am I the Vintage "Angel" dancing out front.......

My house looks a BIT more like this....................

This depiction by artist Patty Simpson Ward......although at the moment there are a Lot more leaves scattered about........

But I love my little Bungalow and my little Cottage in the Back! I used to want a Big old house,,,,but this has just been perfect for me all these years! I am Very Grateful!!

Happy Sunday, turned your Clock back Day!! Hugs, Love and a "Homey Bus" on the Cheek!!


  1. i love both the cottages! throw some glitter on yours! :) have a great day!


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